2020 Super Street Rules

All drivers are required to have their own Raceivers for one-way communication with race director official.

Top 3 feature finishers will be required to go to tech area after the race.

  1. Inspections may occur anytime at the discretion of a race official.
  2. All cars must be American made passenger cars with a minimum wheelbase of 107″.
  3. Engine must match the same manufacturer of the car (chevy to chevy, ford to ford etc).
  1. 3000lbs. with driver.
  2. No ballast allowed in driver’s compartment. All ballast must be painted white with car number and attached to frame or roll cage with a minimum of two, ½” bolts.
  1. No altering of stock frame.
  2. Rear of frame can be tube chassis from shock mount back.
  3. Bracing allowed between the frame rails.
  4. Unibody cars will be allowed as long as the front to rear have subconnectors of at least 2×2 steel. Unibody car must meet stock locations for springs, trailing arm mounts (both on the rearend as well as the chassis). There will be a weight penalty added if Plymouth officials deem your unibody car to be outside the intent of the rules. Please bring ballast with you (weight penalty will be up to 150lbs to right side front rail).
  5. 107″ minimum wheel base.
  6. Rust spots may be repaired.
  7. Drive shaft hoop is mandatory and must be installed 6-8″ behind transmission tail shaft. No chains allowed.
  8. Offset cages are permitted.
  9. Minimum 3 bar window screen in front of driver is mandatory. Window screens/mesh mandatory.
  10. Window Net with quick-release latch is mandatory on driver’s window.
  1. No mirrors
  2. Filler panel required at rear; NO open rear-end areas allowed.
  3. Body parts can be steel or aluminum.
  4. All body panels must be securely fastened or welded at all times. Wire ties or plastic fasteners not permitted.
  5. Plastic nose and tail covers allowed. Wedge noses are NOT permitted.
  6. Front and rear bumpers must be safety chained to the frame or hood bar. Each bumper must have a towing chain attached.
  7. Hoods and trunks must be securely fastened with a pin-type fastener. Bolts and chains are not allowed to hold down hoods and trunk lids.
  8. Fuel cell is mandatory.
  9. 8″ spoiler max.
  10. Full frame cars (within the rules to the rear shock mount or kickup) with Camaro bodies will be allowed. If it is a unibody car, you will be subject to the unibody rules contained herein.
  1. 4-link suspension or leaf-spring suspension ONLY. The following parts must remain stock, in stock location unaltered and OEM for the make and model of the car:
    1. Frames
    2. Steering Linkage (pitman arm, center link, drag link)
  2. Any OEM Lower control arm in stock location unaltered allowed
  3. Ford and Chrysler products must have stock frames for that model and year (example: strut cars must run struts).
  4. Spring adjusters or jack bolts permitted.
  5. Steel tubular upper A-arms permitted.
  6. Steel tube with heim steering components allowed.
  7. Stock steering box only. No rack and pinion.
  8. No mono-leaf spring cars. No half leaf spring cars. Stack leaf spring cars both sides only. Adjustable leaf spring sliders allowed. Adjustable leaf spring shackles permitted at rear of tail section. Leaf spring mounts must be in stock location.
  9. Aftermarket race springs allowed.
  10. Steel racing shocks only. $120 maximum per shock. One shock per wheel. Non adjustable. Non Schrader Valve.
  11. No air shocks.
  12. No coil over eliminators.
  13. Bottom trailing arms must be the same length on both sides. Upper trailing arm may be different lengths to obtain pinion angle. No J-bar or panhard bars allowed. No 5th link (pull bar, biscuit bar, etc) allowed. Bottom and upper trailing arms may be steel tube with heims or stock OEM.
  14. No aluminum suspension parts permitted.
  15. No fifth-spring ladder bar, pull bar, lift bar, or energy-absorbing mechanism allowed. Recovery shock on top of rear housing permitted.
  1. Car must have 4 working brakes mandatory.
  2. All brake calipers must be steel.
  1. No aluminum block
  2. No aluminum heads
  3. Roller cams allowed
  4. Aluminum intake allowed
  5. Any carburetor – 1 only. Up to 1″ open plenum carburetor spacer permitted.
  6. MSD or similar ignition box allowed. No magnetos or crank triggers. MSD box or similar must be out of reach of driver while belted in the car. Traction control not allowed. If you are caught with traction control, you will not be allowed to return to the track for one year.
  7. Motor can be moved back to number 1 spark plug in parallel with upper ball joints.
  8. No dry sump. No accusump or partial dry sump systems. Must be complete wet sump system.
  1. Fuel pump in stock location. No electric fuel pumps. No belt-driven fuel pumps.
  2. Race gasoline allowed. E-85 allowed. Alcohol allowed. No nitrous oxide. No fuel mixtures allowed. No additives of any kind allowed.
  3. Fuel cell mandatory. Fuel cell must be mounted in trunk area between frame rails with at least 1 ½” clearance on all four sides. Minimum of two, 12 gauge 1 ½ inch wide safety straps mandatory.
  4. 12″ inch clearance to the ground required.
  1. Headers allowed.
  2. Exhaust exiting behind front tires or within engine compartment must not exceed 100 decibels. It is highly recommended that exhaust run under car and exit behind driver.
  3. No exhaust allowed to exit through the hood.
  1. Battery must be located behind driver’s seat and secured to frame or roll cage in a battery box.
  2. A battery disconnect switch/kill switch with clearly marked on/off label is required within reach for safety officials.
  1. Transmission with minimum 2 forward and 1 reverse gear.
  2. Automatic or manual transmission permitted.
  3. Bert, Brinn, or Falcon-type transmission allowed.
  4. Steel driveshaft only
  1. No quick-changes.
  2. Any OEM stock steel rear housing permitted but must remain in factory or stock position.
  3. Floater axles OK.
  4. Trailing arms and springs must be in stock locations. Recovery shock on rear housing permitted.
  1. Steel racing wheels 8″ maximum only. No aluminum or carbon fiber wheels.
  2. 1″ lug nuts are mandatory on all 4 wheels.
  3. Bead locks permitted.
  1. Hoosier Emod tire: m30 and m60
  2. Grooving and siping allowed.
  3. Soaking NOT allowed.

1.            See General Safety Rules page for track specific safety rules.

Plymouth Speedway reserves the right to change, delete or add to rules throughout the racing season.

The management reserves the right of interpretation of all rules and the right to inspect and rejectany car and/or driver, crew member, etc. during the racing program.

For any questions on the Plymouth Speedway rules, please call Tech Director Chris Hunter 765-319-9557