2020 Protest Rule

The Protest Rule applies to ALL classes

A protest is to occur for a suspected rules violation and nothing more. If at any time during the inspection of the car that the protest has been waged against there is malice or anger or any type of interference with the inspection from either driver or crew, the driver will face disciplinary actions as deemed sufficient by race officials.

If at any time during the inspection there is refusal to cooperate with the official, the car will be deemed illegal. The protesting driver will be allowed to have one other crew member present during the inspection. The protested driver will be allowed two other crew members present. It is the responsibility of the protesting driver to monitor the actions of his/her crew during the inspection. Any interference or malice by the protesting driver and/or crew members will result in total loss of protest fee and car will be deemed legal. Any interference or malice by the protested driver and/or crew members will result in the car being deemed illegal.

You will only be eligible to protest if you have at least 1 track point and raced the previous racing night.

You will only be eligible to protest if you and the car you are protesting are starting the AMAIN of that night.

Protest Procedures:

  1. All protests must be in writing. The protest form may be downloaded from our website or can be obtained from the pit steward in the pit tower.
  2. Protest fees will be cash only and will be equal to the feature winner payout of that class. The fee must be included with the written form. The track will retain 50% of the protest fee no matter the outcome. Modified fee = $800; Pro Sprint fee = $460; Super Street fee = $374; Thunder Stock fee = $288; 600 Sprint Open = $288
  3.  The written protest and protest fee MUST be provided to the pit steward or general manager/head tech prior to the car being protested has lined up for the AMAIN. Enough time must be given to allow the pit steward or GM to inform the driver that a protest will be waged against his/her car after the race. The name of the protester will NOT be revealed to the driver at that time.
  4. If the protested driver chooses to compete in the AMAIN, the protester must also start in the AMAIN. If the protested driver chooses to compete, the written protest and fee will be accepted by the track official. Both cars with drivers MUST immediately go into the protest area in the pits following the race. If the driver chooses to not compete, the driver will be scored as a DNS and thus will not earn points for the AMAIN nor earn any monies. 50% of the fee will be returned to the protesting driver.
The results of the inspection will be revealed to each driver separately within 30 minutes after the end of the inspection. Track officials are the final deciding factor on whether the car is legal or illegal and track officials are the final interpreter of the stated rules.
  1. If the car is deemed illegal, the driver will forfeit points and monies earned from that day/night of racing. The car will not be allowed to return until the illegal part or parts are replaced. A follow up inspection may occur. 50% of the protest fee will be returned to the protestor and the other 50% will be retained by the track.
  2. If the car is deemed legal, the protesting driver will lose the protest fee with 50% going to the track and 50% going to the protested driver. 

For any questions on the Plymouth Speedway rules, please call Tech Director Mike Zielinski 1-(574) 532-7969