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Plymouth Speedway Rules

General Rules
1. Plymouth Speedway reserves the right to change, delete or add to rules throughout the racing season. The management reserves the right of interpretation of all rules and the right to inspect and reject any car and/or driver, crew member, etc. during the racing program.
2. Every driver must inspect the racing surface and the race track area to learn of any defects, obstructions, or anything which, in the driver’s opinion, is unsafe and the driver shall report that condition in writing to Plymouth Speedway or track officials. Any driver entering any racing event is considered to have inspected the track and determined that all conditions are satisfactory then the driver should not race. The driver further acknowledges that the driver is aware that auto racing involves risks and that by competing in an event the driver assumes these risks with full awareness and knowledge.
3. A participant, by competing in any Plymouth Speedway racing event, specifically agrees and acknowledges that he or she is familiar with and understands all of the Plymouth Speedway rules and procedures as set forth in this rule book and agrees to abide by all the Plymouth Speedway rules and procedures. If, as a result of an inspection, teardown, protest, or claim a competitor’s race car is determined to be illegal, the competitor will take sole responsibility for any actions taken forth from Plymouth Speedway or track officials.
4. Plymouth Speedway or the track promoter reserves the right to refuse to accept the entry of any car or participants or any participants claiming right to be on the track premises if it is felt or determined that the participants presence or conduct is not in the best interest of the sport of auto racing, the other competitors, the spectators, track management, and/or employees of Plymouth Speedway.
5. The driver is responsible for the actions of his/her pit crew in all respects. The driver shall be the sole spokesperson for his/her car owner and pit crew in any and all matters.
6. Any participant directly involved with any fighting or misconduct, or abusing an official, either physically or verbally, or any other track personnel, may be suspended for the season and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
7. Consumption of beer or alcoholic beverages in the pit area, or being under the influence of beer or alcoholic beverages in the pit area, is prohibited until the entire program for all divisions is completed.
8. The decisions of Plymouth Speedway, or track officials, including the interpretation and application of rules and the scoring of positions, shall be final.
9. All Plymouth Speedway participants are independent contractors and are not agents or employees of Plymouth Speedway. As independent contractors participants are solely responsible for compensating their employees, agents, or pit crews. And as independent contractors also assume full responsibility for reporting or filing any reports or tax returns with the appropriate authorities on any and all earnings or funds received as a result of their participation in Plymouth Speedway racing events, including but not limited to federal social security taxes, federal income taxes, state income taxes, federal and state withholding taxes, unemployment taxes, and works compensation insurance.
Track Rules
1. All cars are subject to inspection at anytime. Tires and wheels may be impounded and/or confiscated by the officials for a period of seven days, for inspection purposes. At the discretion of the officials, all monies, records, points, trophies, etc., may be held by them until the next scheduled program. Tires may be destroyed for testing purposes.
2. All cars must be kept in neat appearance and painted. Numbers must be at least 18 high and of readable and contrasting color. The number must be displayed on both doors. Numbers must be able to be seen from scoring stand or they will be subject to repainting by officials.
3. All participants must complete driver profile and registration at beginning of season or on first night competing. Paperwork and registration fee must be turned in at Pit Tower. Plymouth Speedway reserves the right to withhold all monies earned until paperwork has been received and processed. Registration fees may be deducted from winnings.
4. A valid release form must be on file before any person under 18 years of age will be admitted into pit area.
5. Authorized personnel only allowed in infield.
6. Drivers will be responsible for the actions of their respective crew members and guest. No pedestrian traffic under or past catwalk in the pit area towards race track or beyond fencing at track exit. Any persons violating those boundaries will cause their car to be disqualified from the remainder of the racing program.
7. Any unsportsmanlike conduct will be subject to a penalty and/or fine determined by officials and management. This includes drinking, fighting, and abusive language, rough or erratic driving, etc..
8. Any person in possession of any illegal drugs will be prosecuted and barred from premises indefinitely.
9. Driver who qualifies the car is the driver who races the car. Change of driver is permitted ONLY with permission of scoring tower or race director. Points and monies will be awarded to the driver who starts the race.
10. All cars must have means of hooking up to a wrecker. FRONT and REAR.
11. No mirrors, no two way radios or scanners.
12. All cars must be self-starting with clutch and reverse gear.
13. No cooling system or parts allowed in driver’s compartment. No anti-freeze allowed.
14. Mufflers (100 decibels or less) recommended and may be mandatory later.
15. No work will be permitted on cars while on the racing surface.
16. Flags
Green Starts the race.
White Last lap before green and/or one lap remaining in race.
Checkered End of race; continue 1 complete lap before entering pits.
Black Pull to infield area as soon and as safely as possible, you will be informed of the reason by an official.
Yellow Slow down and maintain your position, any cars being involved in causing the yellow, spinning or stopping on the track for any reason will line up at the rear of the pack. NO EXCEPTIONS. The lineup will revert back to the last completed lap scored.
Red All cars will come to a complete stop as quickly and as safely as possible. Any cars being involved in causing the red will line up at the rear of the pack. The lineup will revert back to the last completed lap scored.
17. If the rules do not specifically allow a part or component or do not allow specific alterations or modifications to a part or component, then they are all disallowed.
Safety Rules
1. A driving suit of a flame retardant nature must be worn by all competitors. If the driving suit is a two piece suit both the top and bottom must be worn at the same time. Nomex gloves, shoes, and underwear are highly recommended. An approved for racing (Snell 95 sticker or newer) helmet must be worn at all times. Full-face type highly recommended. An approved 2.5 lb. fire extinguisher in working order mounted within reach of driver is mandatory. Onboard fire protection system is recommended.
2. A competition shoulder harness at least 3 inches wide and a lap belt at least 3 inches wide are required. No OEM factory type shoulder belts or straps will be allowed. Metal to metal buckles are required on the shoulder harness and the lap belt.
3. Window nets are mandatory. Quick release system must pass officials inspection or will not race.
4. Minimum of 4 post roll cage and 3 door bars. Pipe to be no smaller than 1-1/2 o.d. and .090 thickness. All bars must be gusseted and welded to the frame. All bars near driver’s helmet must be padded. Roll bar padding and neck brace are strongly recommended.
5. All cars must have a fire wall between driver and engine, and between driver and fuel tank.
6. Batteries must be securely fastened, boxed and covered.
7. All cars must have a drive shaft hoop. Drive shaft painted white.
8. Doors, hoods, and trunks must be securely fastened. No car will be permitted to run without.
9. Driver’s compartments must be fully enclosed. Complete floorboard, no holes in firewall, etc.
10. All cars must have 4 wheel brakes in good working order.
11. All cars must have a well marked kill-switch.
12. Loose objects and/or weight will not be allowed above the interior tin or deck in the driver’s compartment. Any weight added to other areas of the race car must be securely mounted,using a minimum of two ½ bolts through weights. Weights must be painted white and have your car number painted on them.
13. Exhaust systems must be mounted in such a way as to direct spent gases away from the cockpit area of the vehicle and away from areas of possible fuel spillage.
14. No carbon fiber, brakes, drive shafts, wheels, etc.
15. All drivers and cars must meet these safety rules before they will be allowed to run.
16. No one should work under car unless safety stands as installed.
For any questions on the Plymouth Speedway rules, please call Tech Director Mike Zielinski 1-(574) 532-7969
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