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General Rules
Plymouth Speedway Rules
Plymouth Speedway General Rules - All Classes
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2016 Plymouth Speedway Race Procedures
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On-Track General Rules
Any rough driving as determined by track officials will result in a black flag for the offending driver. All drivers must heed the black flag. Failure to heed the black flag will result in driver being parked for the rest of the night and possibly further sanctioning as determined by the race director.
1. Any cars wishing to start at the tail of any race must notify the pit steward prior to the lineup of that race. We highly recommend any new drivers wishing to start at the tail of heat races inform pit steward or race director immediately upon entering the racing facility.
2. Any car experiencing mechanical problems during their racing event shall either exit the track safely or move car to the infield inside the small track. A caution will be thrown for any car stopped on the big track.
3. The cars that causes the caution and stop on the track during any racing event will be put to the rear. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any car(s) that causes a red flag situation will also be put to the rear.
4. If driver causes 2 (two) cautions during a HEAT or BMAIN race, that driver will be black flagged and sent to the pits. His/her finish position will be determined at conclusion of the racing event. It is at the discretion of the flagman to warn drivers during the event for rough driving.
5. The cars that are directly involved in a caution during any racing event will be put to the rear of the field. Those cars collected without direct involvement will be given their spots back. Any car(s) that causes a red flag situation will also be put to the rear if they are able to restart. The decision of the starter and race director is final.
6. Each race will start after one warm-up lap. All cars will enter track in Turn 2.
  For the small track, all cars will enter the track in Turn 2 of the big track and proceed onto the big track front stretch and then move to the front stretch of the small track.
7. All starts will be in Turn 4. There will be NO PASSING until you have passed the orange cone at the start/finish line. No one is to race below the orange cone during the starts. Any passing prior to the cone will result in 2 positions lost by offender unless the offending driver gives back all the positions gained prior to completing the next green flag lap. It is at the discretion of the race director if those positions were given back. If applicable (and if the positions weren’t given back by driver) during the next caution, the offending driver will be penalized those 2 positions. If there is no caution and the race ends, the offending driver will lose 2 positions from their finishing position. If a driver passes before the cone and overtakes several cars, that driver may be black flagged and sent to the pits versus losing just 2 positions. If a driver continues to pass before the cone in any one race event, it is at the race director’s discretion to black flag and send that offending driver to the pits.
8. All re-starts will be single-file unless it is a complete re-start (meaning the first lap was never completed). If the field is unable to complete one full lap after 3 attempts, the cars will be lined up single-file. If the front row of any race is unable to start evenly after 2 attempts as determined by the race director, one or both cars will be sent to the rear of the field. If it is a heat race, one or both cars will be scored based upon their original starting position.
9. Any drivers stopping on the racing surface for any reason during a caution, unless told so by an official to stop, will restart at the rear of the field. The only exceptions to this rule is if a driver is in need of medical assistance, or a driver’s safety equipment has malfunctioned, or a driver is concerned about the safety of other drivers due to another car/competitor having mechanical issues (i.e. leaking fuel).
10. Heat race and BMAIN winners can have their picture taken in the infield where designated.
11. Top 3 finishers of the AMAIN must stop on the big track front stretch with engines off.
12. Top 5 finishers of the AMAIN must go to the tech area in the pits IMMEDIATELY following the race. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. It is NOT the responsibility of track officials to make sure the top 5 cars make it to the tech area.
1. There will be NO TOLERANCE concerning this rule. If you are involved in a fight: Throwing a punch will result in being BANNED from Plymouth Speedway for the remainder of the season and loss of all money, points and all point fund money.
  1st Offense will result in a fine of $200 & 1 week suspension, before being allowed to return to Plymouth Speedway, and loss of Points and Pay for the night.
  2nd Offense will result in being BANNED from Plymouth Speedway for the remainder of the season and loss of all points and all point fund money.
2. Anyone approaching any Plymouth Speedway Official or Staff Member with the intent to fight or anyone using ABUSIVE LANGUAGE or GESTURES, will be put on Probation and fined $200! You will also lose all Championship points and money awarded for that racing eventll Fines must be paid before being allowed to compete again at Plymouth Speedway.
3. This includes all DRIVERS and their CREW MEMBERS. Drivers will be held accountable for their crew members at all times!
4. No one shall leave their pit stall or approach or enter another Driver’s Pit stall at anytime with the intent to start an altercation.
5. Fighting penalties will be in force before, during, & after ANY Plymouth Speedway events Including the banquet!
For any questions on the Plymouth Speedway rules, please call Tech Director Mike Zielinski 1-(574) 532-7969
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