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Trailer Race Rules
1. Overall Trailer Length: 12-16 foot trailers are suggested. Smaller may not be allowed. Suggestions are travel trailers, pop-up tent campers, boat trailers, and snowmobile trailers. Boat trailers must have a boat. Snowmobile trailers cannot be empty, they must have a decorative load.
2. Pop-up trailers okay, as long as it meets minimum length rule. If needed, two pop-ups may be attached intrain. Pop-ups must be raced in fully extended (popped-up) position.
3. Trailer cannot be rigged to self-destruct, leaving only frame to continue racing, and must be able to race without falling apart. Trailers should be destroyed only upon impact with another vehicle. Iftrailer is rigged to self-destruct, thereby gaining a racing advantage, that driver will be disqualified.
4. All Appliances and Heating/Cooling units must be removed.
5. Glass must be removed.
6. Trailers must be completely cleaned out on inside, removing everything that is not part of unit. I.E. pots and pans, clothes, silverware, trash, household items or anything that is not a permanent part of trailer as manufactured.
7. Tongue must be attached to tow vehicle by hitch ball, free pivoting. Safety chains and equalizer bars are not allowed.
8. Ballast or weight may not be added.
9. Tow Vehicle can be truck, van or car. No 4-wheel drives, 1 Ton or larger, trucks & vans.
10. Starting positions will be determined by length of trailers. (longest -1st, thru, shortest-last)
11. Lap belt required.
12. No anti-freeze in radiator.
13. Helmets mandatory. Fire suit and gloves recommended.
14. Track officials have final word on vehicles race worthiness.
15. Additional rules may be added if needed.
Objective of race:
Finish race with your trailer attached while separating the trailers of your competitors from their tow vehicle. If you lose your trailer, you are done with your race and must leave the track if possible. You will be scored accordingly. If you fail to leave the track after the loss of your trailer you will be disqualified - Black-flagged & forfeit any purse or awards. You must retain the axle of your trailer to remain in a race. If you lose your trailer axle, you must leave the race. No trailer tongues only will be allowed to remain in a race. If you purposely hit another tow vehicle with your vehicle you will be disqualified immediately. Length of race is 20 laps unless only one trailer/tow vehicle combo remains intact. In that event, they will be declared the winner.
Participates must be pre-registered in order to compete. No registration fee. If you register the day of the show there will be a $30 You must sign pit waiver and pay the pit pass fee of $30. Number of entrants is limited. First come - first served. Feature starting position is determined by random draw.
Bus Race Rules
Any 44 and up passenger school bus may be used.
MUST REMAIN STOCK APPEARING!(all glass removed except windshield)
4/5-point harness recommended.
Helmet, goggles, gloves mandatory.
Long sleeve clothing mandatory, no open toed shoes
No vulgar or obscene lettering.
No driver's compartment side hits.
No deliberate hits.
Fire extinguisher mandatory
This is a race Not a demolition derby.
Lineup for Feature will be random draw.
Track officials have final word on vehicle race
All outside buses must be removed by Tuesday 5:00pm or become property of the speedway.
Nitro Crash-O-Rama Purse
Bus Race 20 Lap Trailer Race 20 Lap Oval
1. $500.00 1. $500.00
2. $300.00 2. $400.00
3. $300.00 3. $300.00
4. $300.00 4. $200.00
5. $300.00 - Out 5. $100.00
    6. $50.00 - Out
If 10 Buses start this event there will be a $500 Bonus to the winner.
If 20 Trailers start this event there will be a $500 Bonus to the winner.

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