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2017 Plymouth Speedway Race Procedures
2017 Plymouth Speedway Rules
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2017 UMP Modified Class Rules
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2017 Plymouth Speedway Race Procedures
**Please Note: Plymouth Speedway will NOT pill draw for you. ALL late arrivals will start at the rear of a heat race**
Hot Lap Qualifying
All classes will run hot lap qualifying. Each driver draws a pill for which heat race and hot lap session they will be in.
1. Each heat race will be a maximum of 10 cars. Each car will be assigned ONE session ONLY, based off their pill draw, during the time their division is called.
2. The amount of cars in each hot lap session will be at the discretion of the race director; however each group will consist of cars from the same heat.
3. Hot Laps for all divisions, except 600 mini sprints, will use 3 laps (green, white, checkered, caution laps excluded) to determine fast qualifier for each heat. Hot Laps for 600 Mini Sprints will use 8 laps, caution laps excluded.
4. The fastest qualifier out of all the groups in each class, will come to the pit tower and draw a 0, 2, 3, or 4 to be inverted for their starting position in the heats
5. It is at the discretion of the Race Director to extend hot lap session for any one group on the track.
6. Any driver unable to make Hot Laps will be placed at rear of one of the heat races.
Heat Races
8 laps each division
*all Heat races are on a time limit of 8 minutes. The Race Director will modify lap counts if needed.
  1-10 cars: 1 Heat Race – All to A Feature
  11-20 cars: 2 Heat Races – All to A Feature
  21+ cars: 3+ Heat Races – A B-MAIN may be ran. The Race Director will determine number of cars transferring to the A-FEATURE
Hot lap qualifying determines heat race lineups.
A Feature
  UMP Modified – 20 laps
  Pro Sprints – 20 laps
  Super Street – 20 laps
  Thunder Stock – 20 laps
  600 non-wing Sprints – 20 laps
  410 non-wing Sprints – 30 laps
  *all lap counts can be modifier by the Race Director
  *all A-Feature races are on a time limit of 25 minutes. The Race Director will modify lap counts if needed.
A Feature Redraw
Plymouth Speedway uses a redraw procedure for A Feature lineups.
1. Once all heats have been completed for a division the designated drivers must report to the pit tower to redraw their starting position.
2. A minimum of 6 drivers will redraw their starting position for the A Feature.
3. For one heat the top 6 finishing drivers will redraw, two heats the top 3 finishing drivers redraw, three heats and up the top 2 finishing drivers redraw.
4. The winning drivers from each heat draw first in order of heat, same order will be used for the remaining drivers.
5. If a driver fails to show up for the redraw in a timely manner they will receive the last remaining position after all drivers have drawn.
Starting grid procedure with B-Main
1. Follow A-Feature procedure with the Top B-Main finishers filling the field.
2. Positions 14-18 (or appropriate based upon car count) are filled with up to 4 transfers from B-Main.
B-Main lap counts are determined by number of cars in the event but with a minimum of 10 laps
Starting grid procedure:
1. Drivers not transferring through heat race will make up the field.
2. Finish position in heat race will determine lineup.
3. Top Finishers (number determined by car count) have option to transfer to A FEATURE (see B-Main Challenge below)
4. Any transfer from the B-Main to A-Feature forfeit B-Main earnings and points
B Feature Challenge
See B-Main Challenge tab on the main menu for information – B-Main Challenge
Points System
See 2017 Points System tab on the main menu for information – 2017 Points System
Rain Makeup Features
In the event that a classes feature was rained out it will be rescheduled at the tracks discretion. At the time that the class has their makeup feature any drivers who do not show up for the makeup will be removed from the starting order. The feature starting order will then be crisscrossed to fill in the gaps left behind by drivers who do not show up for the makeup feature.
Raceciever - Nitro Bee Mandatory
A one-way Raceciever or Nitro Bee is mandatory for every driver in competition at Plymouth Speedway as each driver is required to provide their own Receiver. Receivers can be purchased by ordering them from Lane Automotive / Motorstate.
Transponder and Pouch
Plymouth Speedway will once again be utilizing the Westhold Transponders for our scoring system in 2016. Transponders are required and a nightly rental fee of $5 is required unless rented for the season for $75. The track will supply a transponder each night with a valid ID. A transponder pouch is required that is specifically designed to hold the track’s transponder. A transponder pouch can be purchased at the track on any race night for $20. Note we will NOT rent transponder pouches to drivers.
Plymouth Speedway reserves the right to change these procedures at any point during the season.

For any questions on the Plymouth Speedway race procedures, please call Race Director Sara Tarlton at (260) 564-4872 or
Tech Director Mike Zielinski 1-(574) 532-7969

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Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted at the front gate or the pit gate
and may be used to purchase tires and fuel.

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