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2017 Plymouth Speedway Press Releases
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Photo by Greg Hildebrand
Shaun Wiltjer stands with now fiancee Heidi Garner after winning the Street Stocks race at Plymouth Speedway Saturday night.
Marriage proposal from the podium at Plymouth Speedway
PLYMOUTH (June 17, 2017) – Merrillville’s Joe Spiewak didn’t get the finish he was hoping for, from the top starting spot, as he slid up to the wall in Turn 3 at Plymouth Speedway Saturday night. Spiewak’s loss was Shaun Wiltjer’s gain, as he led the final field of just six drivers (of the 13-car field) to the finish in the Super Streets race.
They say the third time is a charm, but this marked Wiltjer’s fourth feature win this season. And it wasn’t just the feature win Gary, Ind.’s Wiltjer celebrated on Father’s Day weekend – while on the podium accepting his trophy he confessed that if he won the feature, he would propose to his girlfriend Heidi Garner. And he did, both.
“We all run real clean, thanks to the guys,” Wiltjer said. “The track is great; it seems like there’s a bunch of grip out there. This thing drove unbelievably fast.”
Charlie Poague of Portage was second; David Fritz of Winamac was third; Bob McLean of Hobart was fourth; and Kyle Anderson of Crown Point was fifth. Wiltjer moved ahead in the points – and even further in his relationship – Heidi said yes!
It may not have been a proposal, but another special night was on the books for the 100th career win for Jamie Lomax, of Lake Village, Ind. in the Modifieds. “We started this eight years ago, and we were pretty bad when we started. To get 100 wins now, it’s just outstanding.”
He thanked his fans, sponsor, wife and kids on the winner’s podium. “It’s fun racing with great guys… we always try to keep it clean,” he said.
Matt Mitchell, of Lafayette, was second and Randy Lines was third. “I got a big chunk of mud about half way through and I couldn’t even use the gas pedal,” Lines said. When asked his opinion of the Playground of Power track, Lines said, “I consider this home now; I’m used to whatever comes my way. I want to congratulate Jamie on his 100 today.” Fourth was Devin Wright and fifth was Cameron Head.
The highlights continued as the night went on, as the Pro Sprints race saw a heated battle trading third and fourth place between Eric Saunders of Lakeville and Michael Summers of Warsaw, until Summers’s wing came loose and he had to be pushed to the pits under caution. The end of this race looked similar to last week’s - and many weeks prior - with Zane DeVault and Garrett Saunders finishing in the top two spots. Two weeks ago, it was DeVault; last week G. Saunders and back up front this week, DeVault. Eric Saunders was third. Fourth place was Steven Hogue and fifth was John Gurley.
“This is a good present for my dad I guess,” DeVault said. DeVault had gifting on his mind, as he wound up donating his first-place trophy to the Lakeville Area Boy Scouts, who were special guests of the Speedway Saturday night.
Not to be outdone in exciting events of the night, in the 600 Open, Chad Hartzell and Dylan Woodling were in a heated battle when Hartzell’s tire caught on the inside track, making him tip over in Turn 4. After being turned upright and checked by medical staff, Hartzell continued on in the race. Woodling, who started the night at Montpelier and ended up in Plymouth late, took the checkers, followed by Trey Johnson of Warsaw and Michael Landis of Logansport. “That was a lot of fun,” Landis said of his podium finish from 13th starting spot, “I haven’t had that much fun in a long time.”
Battleground, Ind.’s Sheldon Oberle won the Thunder Stocks, followed by Plymouth’s Tom Grall and South Bend’s Shane Saunders. Fourth and fifth were Clint Hall and Pete Beiswanger. In the Mini Wedge race, Clinton Hunter was first; Ryin Zelmer was second and Justin White was third. Fourth and fifth were Cade Rush and Chase Kosmatka.
For complete results and season standings, go to plymouthspeedway.myracepass.com.
Thursday, June 29, the Plymouth Speedway hosts UMP DirtCar Racing’s Summer Nationals Hell Tour, featuring Late Models and Mods. Tickets are $25 for adults; $10 for kids 6-12 and 5 and under are free. Gates open at 4; hot laps at 6 and racing starts at 7 p.m.
Next Saturday is a regular night of racing, with Modifieds, Pro Sprints, Super Street, Thunder Stocks, 600 Open Sprints and Mini Wedges. Cost is $12 for adults, $5 for children 6-12 and free for kids 5 and under. Pit passes are $30.
Visit Plymouth Speedway on Facebook for the latest event information, updates and photos. Media contact: Maggie Nixon plymouthspeedwayPR@gmail.com.
Photo by Greg Hildebrand
Andrew Cockman pumps his fist, with the right front off the ground, as he takes the checkers in the 600 Open Saturday night at Plymouth Speedway.
Lines takes the checkers again; Grall, Saunders win
PLYMOUTH (June 10, 2017) – Randy Lines did it again. For the fourth time this season, Lines took the checkers in his 18L UMP Modified at Plymouth Speedway.
Lines, of Marion, Ind., extended his season standing point lead to 31 over Rensselar’s Derek Losh, who ran third to Lines Saturday night. Jamie Lomax was second; Bobby Stremme was fourth and Dylan Woodling was fifth. Frank Marshall, Lomax and Woodling also round out the top five in standings.
Granger, Ind.’s Andrew Cockman nabbed his first win in the 600 Open. Woodling, also a Modified driver, wheeled his way from starting 16th to finish second, while fellow Warsaw native Trey Johnson was third. Chad Hartzell, who leads the series with two wins atop the standings, was fourth and Kayeleb Bolton was fifth. Johnson sits in second, 42 points back in the season standings. Kevin Hapner is third; Blake Lamb is fourth and Woodling rounds out the top five in points.
Plymouth’s Tom Grall took his second win this year in the Thunder Stocks. The point standings mirror the race top 4 Saturday with Sheldon Oberle, Jason Frtiz and Chad McLean trailing Grall in point standings as well. Pete  Beiswanger was fifth in the race, but Hobart’s Kevin Kerlin has that spot in points.
The tightest race between point leaders was between Shaun Wiltjer and David Fritz. Just one point separates the two Super Street drivers (Fritz leads by one), with Charlie Poague just five points back from the lead and Bob McLean back 11. Wiltjer recorded his third win Saturday, while Fritz was second. Third place went to Shane Pendleton, with McLean and Poague in fourth and fifth.
The Pro Sprint battle between first and second on the track and in the standings is as close as ever. Lakeville’s Garrett Saunders maneuvered his was from a fourth-place starting spot to take the win, over last week’s winner Zane DeVault.
This is Saunders’ third race win out of five total, while DeVault has two. Eric Saunders made his way to third, with Steven Hogue and Clay Sanders in fourth and fifth. G. Saunders is just 14 point back from DeVault, and Michael Summers, Chad Clay and E. Saunders are third through fifth in season standings.
Justin White was the Mini Wedge winner, with Clinton Hunter, Austin Burnworth, Jacob Timmerman and Ryin Zelmer in second through fifth. Leading the standings is Zelmer, then Hunter, Preston Prater and Burnworth.
This week, racing starts at 7 p.m., with hot laps at 6 p.m.  Gates open at 4 p.m. Adults are $12; children 6-12 are $5 and 5 years old or younger are free. Pit passes are $30.
Visit Plymouth Speedway on Facebook to find out up-to-date race information.
Media contact: Maggie Nixon, PlymouthspeedwayPR@gmail.com
Action-packed night at Plymouth Speedway
PLYMOUTH (JUNE 3, 2017) – A four-car, late-lap shootout in the UMP Modified race at Plymouth Speedway Saturday night gave fans a real show. With just a couple of laps to the finish line, Derek Losh (Rennsselaer) was chased by Frank Marshall (Valparaiso) and Randy Lines (Marion). Bobby Stremme (South Bend) took the low line fighting for position in fourth. Lines passed Marshall coming off turn 2 on lap 20, and the Lines/Losh battle that has spilled over from week to week at the Playground of Power looked poised to be a photo finish, until Losh's car broke in Turn 4. Marshall slid into second and Stremme finished third. This was Lines's third win of the season. Lines leads Losh in season standings by 24 points.
A caution-filled Super Street ended in a caution-checkered finish ended with David Fritz (Winamac) as the leader when the lengthy race halted, with Bob McLean (Hobart) finishing second with Charlie Poague (Portage) finishing third. Wrapping up the top five was Shaun Wiltjer (Gary) and Brent Wood (Clayopol). Eli Lakens (Buchanan, Mich.) slammed into turn 3 during lap 7 of the Pro Sprint race. After taking his car from the track and checking to make sure he was in good health, the remaining eight Sprints continued on. Last week’s winner Zane DeVault (Plymouth) led the next two laps until another caution slowed the pace. Garrett Saunders (Lakeville) chased DeVault the rest of the way, but couldn’t quite catch him. Another caution for a spin in turn 2 bunched up the field for one last attempt to catch the leader, but DeVault pulled away again while Michael Summers (Warsaw) worked on Saun ders for a couple of laps. Nothing changed at the checkers, as DeVault, Saunders and Marshall went 1-2-3.
Austin Creamer (Chesterfield) passed Chad Hartzell (Granger) for first in the 600 Open. Blake Lamb (Warsaw) finished third; Tyler Fitzpatrick (Goshen) was fourth; and Trey Johnson (Warsaw) was fifth. However, Creamer did not pass post-race inspection and forfeited the win. That made Hartzell the night’s winner, his second win this season. That also moved Lamb to second; Fitzpatrick to third; Johnson to fourth and Kevin Hapner (Nappanee) was then fifth.
In Thunder Stocks, last week’s winner Tom Grall (Plymouth) got a flat and race leader Justin Van Drunen (Crown Point) spun out and had to go to the back of the pack.
Then it was the battle of the 7s as Brian Banta (South Bend) in the 7B and Randy Lambert (Gary) in the 7L battled until another spin by VanDrunen sent him to the pits. Directly after, Lambert spun, giving the lead to Jason Frtiz. Tony Sutton (Black Oak) passed Chad McLean (Hobart) for second and the two battled until another caution by Banta then saw Fritz limp off the track. Another caution with Lambert stalled at the start/finish line led to a final chance to complete the race. McLean’s rear fell apart at a caution/checkered finish as he took the win. Kevin Kerlin (Hobart) was second and Sutton was third.
In the Min Wedge division, Justin White (Stevensville, Mich.) took the checkers, followed by Preston Prater (Rochester) and Jake Rush (Lakeville). Austin Burnworth (Warsaw) finished fourth, and Chase Kosmatka (Chesteron) was fifth.
For complete results and season standings, go to plymouthspeedway.myracepass.com. Next Saturday OmniSource is sponsoring next Saturday’s night of racing, with Modifieds, Pro Sprints, Super Street, Thunder Stocks, 600 Open Sprints and Mini Wedges.
Cost is $12 for adults, $5 for children 6-12 and free for kids 5 and under. Pit passes are $30. The Kenny Wallace Experience is also next week. Also visit Plymouth Speedway on Facebook for the latest event information, updates and photos.
Media contact: Maggie Nixon plymouthspeedwayPR@gmail.com.
Grall extends points lead with win at Plymouth Speedway
PLYMOUTH (May 27, 2017) – Saturday night was a late one at Plymouth Speedway, but race fans stuck out the night highlighted by tough competition and a huge fireworks display. While track personnel worked to get the dirt in shape due to three days of rain prior to Saturday, a close eye was kept on the clock to get a good show of fireworks in between heat races and features. Once the fireworks show was over, it was green flag time.
The Thunder Stocks were won by #1 qualifier Tom Grall (Plymouth), followed by: Sheldon Oberle (Battleground); Bryam Banta (South Bend); Clint Hall (Fowler); and Justin Van Druden (Crown Point). Grall’s win helped extend his lead in the season standings, over Oberle in second. In Super Streets, Joshua Frye (Ravenna, Mich.) led the field. The next four were: David Fritz (Winamac); Charlie Poague (Portage); Bob McLean (Hobart) and Calvin Peek, Jr. (Hobart).
Zane DeVault (Plymouth) took advantage of a mechanical malfunction on Garrett Saunders’ top qualifying spot, and dominated the Pro Sprint division. A last lap pass gave Eric Saunders (Lakeville) the runner-up spot over Steven Hogue (Akron, Ohio); Eli Lakin (Buchanan, Mich.) and Michael Summers (Warsaw).
Derek Losh (Rennsselaer) and Randy Lines (Marion) battled for the top two UMP Modified positions. Losh bested Lines, followed by Frank Marshall (Valparaiso); Dylan Woodling (Warsaw) and Dillon Nusbaum (Columbia City). Losh’s win keeps him atop the season standings. Top five in the 600 Open, shortened by a mid-race crash, were Dylan Woodling (Warsaw); Brad Nichols (South Bend); Chad Hartzell (Granger); Caitlin Clark (Gary) and Kyle Burns (Columbia City). This was Nichols’ first race at Plymouth this season.
In the Mini Wedge division, Bracen Lowe (Gary) took the top spot, followed by: Ryan Zelmer (Eau Claire, Mich.); Clinton Hunter (Kokomo); Austin Burnworth (Warsaw) and Justin White (Stevensville, Mich.). For complete results and season standings, go to plymouthspeedway.myracepass.com.
Next Saturday is a regular night of racing, with Modifieds, Pro Sprints, Super Street, Thunder Stocks, 600 Open Sprints and Mini Wedges. Cost is $12 for adults, $5 for children 6-12 and free for kids 5 and under. Pit passes are $30. Visit Plymouth Speedway on Facebook for the latest event information, updates and photos.
Photo by Maggie Nixon
Zane DeVault takes his first win in the Pro Sprint series.
Media contact: Maggie Nixon plymouthspeedwayPR@gmail.com.
Racing heats up at Plymouth Speedway - May 13, 2017
PLYMOUTH (May 13, 2017) – What a difference a week makes. While last week’s show at Plymouth Speedway saw fans bundled up and covered in blankets, a bigger crowd took advantage of much milder temps Saturday night at the Playground of Power. It wasn’t just the weather that heated up, as the track saw another first-time winner (last week, there were three). Kevin Hapner, of Nappanee, took the win the 600 Mini Sprints for the first time at Plymouth Speedway; followed by 22 Trey Johnson, of Warsaw. Third went to Blake Lamb, also of Warsaw. Also hot for a second week, the Saunders brothers of Lakeville finished in the first and third spots, sandwiching Plymouth’s Zane DeVault in the Pro Sprints. DeVault, second-place finisher, also repeated last week’s results. Garrett Saunders, starting on the inside of the front row, took the win, while Eric Saunders, starting from the eighth spot, finished third. The season standings mirror the race results, as Garrett is in first, while DeVault is 4 points back and Eric is third, 11 points back.
“Right rear started to go away,” DeVault said. “It’s hard to win from fifth.” He added that it’s always unknown whether the track will be slick or dry, but thanked the Speedway for all the work they do to the track. Twenty cars competing in the 25-lap Modified feature were slowed just once at lap 7, when four cars collected in turn 4. But continuing the hot streak theme of the week, Jamie Lomax, a Lake Village, Ill. native, took the checkers. He ran top five last week. “These guys have been tough all year. The track was moist so we could really use the engine tonight. These guys race clean all year; it feels great to get on the podium in the top division. Thank you to all the fans coming week in and week out.”
Second place Randy Lines, of Marion, Ind., who won last week’s feature, said “I think we missed the set up a little bit tonight. I think I decided this week I’m gonna make this my home track, the people are nice here and treat ya with respect.
They take care of the track here.” “I think we were a little snug tonight.

They take care of the track here.” “I think we were a little snug tonight. We’ll try to figure it out each and every night,” said Derek Losh, of Rennsselaer, who finished third, one spot back from last week’s finish. The top three finishers are also the top three in the season point standings (Lines; Losh -4, Lomax -14). While the night was heating up, it was only fitting for a caution to turn red in the Super Streets division. On lap 1, a spin by Joshua Holsinpiller, of Logansport, collected a couple of cars but most notably Rochester’s Mike Fincher. Fincher’s right front fender wrapped around the tire and crews worked to free the mangled mess, halting the race momentarily.

A quick caution at lap 18 gave way to a green-white-checker finish, as Gary, Ind.’s Shaun Wiltjer continued his own hot streak winning for the second week in a row. “This kid next to me, I knew he was coming. We made a game plan mid week to make it to the podium. There are a lot of fast cars out here,” Wiltjer said. Echoing last week, he added “Man, this runs like a Cadillac!” Hobart’s Bob McLean was second and Michael Clark, of Merrillville, finished third. In the Mini Wedge division, Ryin Zelmer, of Eau Claire, Mich., took the checkers. Zelmer was followed by Warsaw’s Austin Burnworth and Rochester’s Preston Prater. Finishing out the seven car field was Chase Kosmatka (Chesterton), Jacon Timmerman (Warsaw), Clinton Hunter (Kokomo) and Samantha Banta (South Bend). The Thunder Stocks finished out the night, with Sheldon Oberle, of Battleground, Ind. taking first; South Bend’s Bryan Banta was second and Plymouth’s Tom Grall finished third, for the second week in a row. Oberle said, “Getting on the podium feels so good.” For complete results and season standings, go to plymouthspeedway.myracepass.com. Next Saturday is a regular night of racing, with Modifieds, Wing Pro Sprints, Super Street, Thunder Stocks, Non-Wing Sprints and Mini Wedges. Cost is $12 for adults, $5 for children 6-12 and free for kids 5 and under. Pit passes are $30. May 27 will be a normal show plus a huge fireworks display. Visit Plymouth Speedway on Facebook for the latest event information, updates and photos.

Media contact: Maggie Nixon plymouthspeedwayPR@gmail.com.
3 win first dirt track race at Plymouth Speedway - May 6, 2017
PLYMOUTH (May 6, 2017) – It was a cold one at Plymouth Speedway for opening night Cabin Fever, but a full slate of racers entertained fans willing to stick out the weather, and three first-time dirt track drivers took the checkers Saturday night.
The 600 Mini Sprints were led all 20 laps by Granger, Ind.’s Chad Hartzell, his was first win in a micro. Hartzell, the 2016 track champion said “It’s kind of embarrassing to be track champion and never win a feature race. I’m so glad to be able to be here to do this. It’s been a long time coming and I’m glad we finally got that monkey off our back.” Bradley Jameson, of Logansport, finishing second, said he was disappointed. “I felt like I could have gotten him there in lapped traffic but I may have ended up with a broken car.” His teammate Kayeleb Bolton, of Kokomo, was third. A caution at 11 laps in during the Super Streets race tightened the field that Gary, Ind.’s Shaun Wiltjer was pulling away from. LaPorte’s Brandon Williams seemed poised to close the gap, but Charlie Poague battled through the next five laps, taking second place. Poague, of Portage, finished ahead of Winamac’s David Fritz. Williams wound up fourth.
Wiltjer, who has won on asphalt at Plymouth Speedway, took his first dirt win Saturday night. Wiltjer shared his thanks to his team, adding that they “made this car run like a Cadillac.” In the Thunder Stock series, a time limit caused a caution/checker. Lee Hall, of Oxford, Ind., finished first, his first dirt win at Plymouth Speedway; Winamac’s Jason Fitz was second and Tom Grall, of Plymouth, finished third.
In the Modifieds, 20 cars started the 25-lap feature, led by Tony Anderson, of Lima, Ohio and Derek Losh, of Rensselear, on the front row. It didn’t take long for Marion, Ind.’s Randy Lines to take the lead, which he never lost. This was Lines’ second win at the Playground of Power this year. Losh and Anderson were side by side on the white flag, but Losh edged Anderson for second by the checkered flag. “We ran pretty good. I was a little worried about keeping heat in my tires tonight,” Lines said.
The 10-car, 20-lap Wing Pro Sprints race featured Zane DeVault, of Plymouth, and Garrett Saunders, of Lakeville, starting on the front row. A couple of quick cautions slowed the pace in just the first lap, but Saunders took the lead and never looked back. Brother Eric Saunders worked on DeVault early in the race, but DeVault was able to stave off the attack and finished second; Eric Saunders was third.
Mini Wedge s, with drivers ranging from age 4 to 14, was won by Braydan Erickson, of Muskegon, Mich.; followed by Ryin Zelmer, of Eau Claire, Mich. and Clinton Hunter, of Kokomo, Ind.
On a night packed with action at the Playground of Power, intermission also featured some give-aways. Tickets were given to kids in attendance for a boy’s and a girl’s bicycle to be given away, courtesy of Plymouth Walmart. The lucky winners were from Fort Wayne and Columbia City. XYZ also gave gift certificates, Hartzell gave away T-shirts and a $100 bonus went to a random top 600s finisher, from Dickie’s Restaurant at Swan Lake.
The next two Saturdays are regular racing nights, with Modifieds, Wing Pro Sprints, Super Street, Thunder Stocks, Non-Wing Sprints and Mini Wedges. Cost is $12 for adults, $5 for children 6-12 and free for kids 5 and under. Pit passes are $30. May 27 will be a normal show plus a huge fireworks display.
Visit Plymouth Speedway on Facebook for the latest event information. Media contact: Maggie Nixon plymouthspeedwayPR@gmail.com
All three were first-time dirt track winners Saturday night at Plymouth Speedway.
Photos by Greg Hildebrand
Shaun Wiltjer wins the Super Streets
click image for a larger version
Chad Hartzell wins the 600 Minis
click image for a larger version
Thunder Stock winner is Lee Hall
click image for a larger version
Old talent takes on a new challenge
Plymouth’s Brian Ross returns to weekly racing
Cabin Fever kicks off 2017 season at Plymouth Speedway - May 4, 2017
PLYMOUTH (5/4/17) —Local race fans will recognize a new name on the side of an UMP Modified this season. The 2012 Plymouth Speedway track champion Brian Ross is back racing weekly. Previously, his only dirt track experience was racing the 1-mile tracks at DuQuoin and Springfield Ill. in an ARCA car and a couple races in Arkansas and Oklahoma driving a street stock type car. Ross may be a relative newcomer to dirt, but he is far from a rookie. He raced seven years in the NASCAR Southeast Series, 25 ARCA starts, combined with a couple NASCAR Truck series races, the Hooters Pro Cup and ASA. Along with all the seat time, he did a several-year stint as the crew chief for the now closed Xfinity racing team ML Motorsports based in Warsaw. This will be his first full season back to the Plymouth track since that championship, but he did race a dirt late model here once since.
When asked about how many Plymouth track championships he has, “Just the one, the last year the track was pavement, I traveled too much,” Ross said. “Plymouth is still Plymouth,” said Ross when asked about the difference in the pavement and dirt. He was out practicing at the track’s test and tune making steady improvement on the dirt.
Ross is not the first pavement racer to make the transition from pavement to dirt. South Bend’s Bobby Stremme and David Stremme are also a regular in an UMP modified. Other familiar names like Ken Schrader, Kenny Wallace, Ron Hornaday and Justin Allgaier have all driven Modifieds at the Plymouth Speedway. Ross said, “I am looking forward to seeing some new faces, but also looking forward to seeing some old fans.”

Ross will be racing in the UMP Modifieds for regular weekly shows beginning with this week's Cabin Fever Saturday night, beginning at 7:00pm. Grandstand and pit gates open at 4:00pm. Hot laps are at 6:00pm. On the schedule are UMP Mods, Wing Pro Sprints, Super Streets, Thunder Stocks, Non-Wing 600 Sprints and Mini-Wedges. As always for normal shows, admission is $12 for adults; $5 for kids 6-12 and free for 5 years and under. Pit passes are $30. 

Keep up to date with track information by visiting the Plymouth Speedway Facebook page.
Media Contact: Maggie Nixon atplymouthspeedwayPR@gmail.com.
Gravel slides past Sides in last lap thriller - April 28, 2017
PLYMOUTH (April 28, 2017) — David Gravel started seventh in the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series Friday night at Plymouth Speedway. Moving up to third by mid-way into the 35-lap feature, Gravel maneuvered an exciting last-lap pass on Jason Sides to take the checkers at the Playground of Power, and his fifth win of the season.
Gravel, taking a $10,000 Outlaw purse, is now second - just 36 points behind Donny Schatz in the series standings. Sides finished second and Aaron Reutzel was third. Schatz finished fourth. Besides the turn 3 pass for the win, another highlight of the evening happened during hot laps, when all but three of the Outlaw cars entered in the evening’s race beat track records. During qualifying, Parker Price-Miller not only had the fastest time, but also set new track record with a 11.079-second lap. “We just wanted to start further up than we did last year and we did that,” David Gravel told media. “We were really, really good until the red came out and the car was insane after that.
David Gravel won the World of Outlaws race at Plymouth Speedway (top photo) and David Stremme took the Modified win at the Speedway Playground of Power Friday April 28.   Photos/Gary Gasper
After we got heat back in the tires the car came back to life, grabbed a little bit more wing and the car was really good with three laps to go.I was good when I needed to be good and just being patient and Reutzel slipped up and I took advantage.”
Completing the night at Plymouth Speedway, David Stremme won the Modified race, coming off the top spot in Heat #2. The Mooresville, N.C. native is 12th in points, 61 off the lead of Marion, Ind.’s Randy Lines, who finished third Friday night. Derek Losh of Rensselaer is solid in the second spot after a second-place finish. Jamie Lomax and Frank Marshall rounded out the top five. Lines and Losh both have scored top fives in both weeks of Modified racing at the Playground of Power, and are separated by only 2 points in the standings. Lomax sits at third in the standings, just 12 points back.
This week, Cabin Fever kicks off the regular Saturday night season at 7 p.m. Grandstand and pit gates open at 4 p.m. Hot laps are at 6 p.m. On the schedule are UMP Mods, Wing Pro Sprints, Super Streets, Thunder Stocks, Non-Wing 600 Sprints and Mini-Wedges. As always for normal shows, admission is $12 for adults; $5 for kids 6-12 and free for 5 and under. Pit passes are $30. Keep up to date with track information by visiting the Plymouth Speedway Facebook page.
Media Contact: Maggie Nixon at plymouthspeedwayPR@gmail.com
2017 Plymouth Speedway Press Releases
Grant wins 2nd of season as Plymouth Speedway hosts USAC - April 21, 2017
Photo by Greg Hildebrand
Justin Grant celebrates his win at the Playground of Power Plymouth Speedway, Friday night.
PLYMOUTH (April 21,2017) – Justin Grant is still atop the United States Auto Club standings after winning at Plymouth Speedway Friday night. Grant, who came in to Plymouth with just a two-point season lead, left with only one point separating him and Chad Boespflug. The duo wound up 1-2 at the Playground of Power Friday night.
While Boespflug and Chris Windom came into Plymouth in hot competition with each other, Grant sealed himself as someone to watch as well. Windom left Plymouth 58 points behind, in third place, finishing eighth Friday night. Grant told USAC Media's Richie Murray: “I tried to end our night pretty early on during qualifying,” Grant said with a grin. “I was coming to the green and about spun out. “ He said after turning around, taking a deep breath and giving it another shot, he all but turned over. “I was able to salvage a respectable time on the second lap,” Grant said. “Fortunately for me, a couple guys missed the transfer through the heat races and that put us on the front row.” Windom and Boespflug started third and fourth, but it was Boespflug who made significant strides to catch the leader by the halfway point. Lapped traffic caused Grant's lead to diminish, yet Boespflug fell third to Tyler Courtney in the last couple of laps.
All 22 starters finished the caution-free race. Grant took the checkers for the second time this season. Following the USAC AMSOIL National Sprint race, the UMP Mods and Mod Lites took to the track.
Randy Lines won the UMP Mods race, while Bobby Stremme came in second, just .22 seconds behind the leader. Dylan Woodling was third; Derek Losh was fourth and Chad Bauer was fifth. “Flyin' Brian” Ross returned to the Playground of Power to finish 13th. In the Mod Lites, Will Bennett finished almost three seconds faster than Andy Sherely in second and 9.5 seconds ahead of Jeff Swiford in third. Rounding out the top five were Ross Sanders and Gavin Taylor.
This weekend brings the World of Outlaws, sponsored by Wheeler Mechanical Services LLC, Friday night,April 28. Gates open at 4 p.m., hot laps are at 6 p.m., with racing at 7. General admission is$37; children 6-12 are $15 and children 5 and under are free. Pits are $40. Additionally, UMP Mods will award season points.
Regular season racing kicks off Saturday, May 6 with Cabin Fever at 7 p.m. Adults cost $12; children 6-12, $5; 5years and under are free. Pits passes are $30.
For more information, visit Plymouth Speedway on Facebook.
Media contact: Maggie Nixon, plymouthspeedwayPR@gmail.com
USAC Sprints in Plymouth Friday
PLYMOUTH (April 20, 2017) – Friday night, the Playground of Power Plymouth Speedway will host the United States Auto Club sprints for the very first time, and some big names will be taking to the track. “We're excited,” said USAC director Levi Jones. “Friday's weather looks good and we're looking forward to bringing our premier sprint cars to a great track.” Justin Grant,of Ione, Calif., won the opening AMSOIL Sprint National race in Ocala, Fla. He will bring his talent to the Playground of Power, along with two-time winner Chris Windom, of Canton, Ill., who finished first at Lawrenceburg (Ind.) Speedway and Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, Ind. just last weekend.
A great duel is brewing between Windom and Hanford, Calif.'s Chad Boespflug, who battled each other in the final laps at both races last weekend at Bloomington Speedway and Tri-State, both taking a win over the other. The rivalry is a continuation of an October 2016 race at Terre Haute when the duo swapped the lead 26 times in 30 laps. The intensity of this rivalry is sure to continue this Friday in Plymouth, as Boespflug trails Grant by two points in the season standings, while Windom is close behind in third. Also coming to the Playground of Power are fourth and fifth place drivers in the standings, Chase Stockton and Jarett Andretti. Additionally, top 20 drivers Hunter Shuereberg (Sikeston, Mo.), Josh Hodges (Tijeras, N.M.),Tyler Courtney (Indianapolis), C.J.Leary (Greenfield, Ind.), KyleCummins (Princeton, Ind.), Max McGhee (Camby, Ind.), Landon Simon (Tipp City, Ohio), Dave Darland (Lincoln, Ind.), Carson Short (Marion, Ill.), ShaneCottle (Kokomo), Kevin Thomas, Jr. (Cullman, Ala.), Isaac Chapple (Willow Branch, Ind.), Jeff Bland, Jr. (Springville, Ind.), Aaron Farney (Brookston, Ind.) and Brady Bacon (Broken Arrow, Okla.) are on the schedule to race Friday.
“It's an honor to have one of the greatest sanctioning bodies in the country with USAC coming to Plymouth for the first time,” said Plymouth Speedway owner Ed Kennedy. “It should be a fantastic show. It's just like Christmas, it comes once a year!” On tap Friday, April 21, racing begins at 7 p.m.,with USAC sprints, UMP mods and mod lites. The UMP mod race will award season points. Price is: $25 for adults; $10 for children 6-12; free for children 5 and under, and $35 for a pit pass. Coming up Friday, April 28 are the World of Outlaws and mods – Craftsman sprint cars (UMP mod race will award season points) and Cabin Fever kicking off the Saturday night season is May 6.
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Attention Super Street and Modified drivers and teams. The new Hoosier tires will be legal for the UMP Mods and the Plymouth Super Streets classes. Last years UMP tires will also be legal for the 2017 season for the UMP Mods and Super Street classes.
Lakeville, IN – Hoosier Racing Tire is pleased to announce that the new M30s and M60 tires for DIRTcar UMP Modifieds will be released beginning March 1st.

“After reviewing our existing inventory after all the Florida Modified events, we have determined that a manageable stocking level has been reached and the time is right to release the new M30S and M60 tires on March 1st.” stated Hoosier Product Manager Shanon Rush. “It just made sense to release all the sizes and compounds at one time to ease the transition for our customers.”

Beginning March 1st, the 26.5/8.0-15 and 27.5/8.0-15 M30s and M60 compounds will be released to all Hoosier Racing Tire Distributors. These distributors will do their best to then quickly fill the pipeline of their local dealers and vendors.
“With major UMP Sanctioned Events like the Tuckasee Toilet Bowl Classic at Clarksville and Spring 50 at Florence occurring in the next two weeks, it only made sense to release the new tires in time for these events.” commented DIRTcar UMP Director Sam Driggers.
For more information on the new DIRTCar UMP M30s and M60, or to place an order, contact your nearest Hoosier Racing Tire Distributor.
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