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2017 B-Main Challenge
If a driver takes the B-Main Challenge (any from the Top 3 transfers) AND Wins the A-Feature, he/she will earn both the A-Feature winnings PLUS the B-Main forfeited winnings! Read below for further details….
B-Main transfers to A-Feature event have the option to take the B-Main payout with B-Main points or transfer to the A-Feature event and thus forfeit B-Main payout and B-Main points. The B-Main Challenge will only apply to a maximum of the Top 3 cars. In some scenarios, only the Top 2 may be considered for the B-Main Challenge. Any additional cars after the Top 3 that are scheduled to be transferred to the A-Feature will automatically be transferred. If any of the Top 3 accept their position and winnings from the B-Main (thus not wanting to transfer to the A-Feature), the next highest finisher from the B-Main, not already transferring to the A-Feature, will be transferred into the A-Feature. Track officials will notify the driver(s) in the pit area.

B-Main transfer number is determined based upon car count at beginning of night's racing.

If there happens to be enough cars in any division to warrant two (2) B-Mains, BOTH B-Mains are eligible for the B-Main Challenge AND with the same payout! Same rules apply as above for transfers where applicable.
B-Main Challenge Payout
Modifieds Super Streets Thunder Stocks 600 Sprints Pro Sprints
$200 $100 $75 $75 $200
$150 $75 $50 $50 $150
$100 $50 $25 $25 $100
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