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2014 Plymouth Speedway Race Procedures
**Please Note: Plymouth Speedway will NOT pill draw for you. ALL late arrivals will start at the rear of a heat race**
Hot Laps
Hot Laps will be lined up according to race schedule that day. Each car will be allowed ONE session ONLY during the time division is called. It is at the discretion of race officials to allow any late arrivals to have hot laps. ALL hot lap groups will be given 2 laps (green, white, checker). It is at the discretion of the Race Director to extend hot lap session for any one group on the track.
Heat Races
8 laps each division
*all Heat races are on a time limit of 8 minutes. The Race Director will modify lap counts if needed.
Pill draw determines heat race lineups:
" Lowest number pill starts pole Heat 1; second lowest pill starts pole Heat 2 and so on.
    1-10 cars: 1 Heat Race - All to A Feature
    11-20 cars: 2 Heat Races - All to A Feature
    21+ cars: 3+ Heat Races - A B-MAIN may be ran. The Race Director will determine number of cars transferring to the A-FEATURE

Heat 1 winner assumes fast time. Heat 2 winner assumes second fastest time and so on.

Last Heat Race winner of the division redraws for A Feature starting position (4, 6, 8) immediately after heat race has finished.
A Feature
    UMP Modified - 20 laps
    Super Street - 20 laps
    Thunder Stock - 20 laps
    600 nonwing Sprints - 20 laps
    *all lap counts can be modified by Race Director
    *all A-Feature races are on a time limit of 30 minutes. The Race Director will modify lap counts if needed.
Starting grid procedure with no B-MAIN:
  1. Winner Heat 1 draws for invert (4, 6, 8).
  2. Heat 1 winner assumes fast time. Heat 2 winner assumes second fastest and so on.
  3. Heat 1 second place finisher follows last heat race winner.
  4. Up to 20 cars typically will fill the field
Starting grid procedure with B-MAIN:
  1. Follow A-FEATURE procedures with the Top B-MAIN finishers filling the field.
  2. Positions 17-20 (or appropriate based upon car count) are filled with up to 4 transfers from B-MAIN.
B-MAIN lap counts are determined by number of cars in the event but with a minimum of 10 laps
Starting grid procedure:
  1. Drivers not transferring through heat race will make up the field.
  2. Finish position in heat race will determine lineup.
  3. Top Finishers (number determined by car count) have option to transfer to A FEATURE (see B-MAIN Challenge below)
  4. Any transfer from the B-MAIN to A-FEATURE forfeit B-MAIN earnings and points
B Feature Challenge
See B-Main Challenge tab on the main menu for information - B-Main Challenge
Plymouth Speedway reserves the right to change these procedures at any point during the season.
For any questions on the Plymouth Speedway rules, please call Tech Director Mike Zielinski 1-(574) 532-7969
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Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted at the front gate or the pit gate
and may be used to purchase tires and fuel.

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