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NASCAR Drivers Thrill, Four Features Heat up Plymouth Speedway
By:: Anita Soltis
June 14, 2014
(Plymouth, IN) It was an exciting night of racing Saturday when NASCAR drivers Justin Allgaier and David Stremme went up against the regulars at Plymouth Speedway in the Swan Lake Resort UMP Modifieds feature.  Who would prevail?
It would take a while to figure that out as the Dickies Restaurant 600 Open Sprints were the first to take the track.  Aaron Davis was quick to take the lead and had a good lead on the field until a scary incident happened on the backstretch on lap 8.  Nick Yoder flipped tail over nose after losing a wheel that went sailing into the outer part of the track along turn four.  The race was red-flagged while crews attended to the driver.  He was able to climb out of the car under his own power with no injuries.  When the race went back to green, Davis took off back into the lead.  Randy Shilling’s bad luck continued this week as he was running in third and made a mistake on lap 14 and Billy Cribbs was able to get by him.  Shilling kept falling in the order and went around with Chad Hartzell with four laps to go in the feature.  Shilling would spin again on the restart lap and his night was done.  Meanwhile, Brad Nichols held his second position strong.  Now running third, Cribbs spun on the last lap which moved up the field and Eric Saunders, who had been moving forward in the field throughout the race, captured third on the last lap.  The dominant Davis picked up the feature win with Nichols in second and Eric Saunders in third. “I can’t thank everybody enough.  That’s what makes it happen.  This feels great,” said Davis.
The Super Streets feature was a pretty straight forward race which isn’t always the case.  Michael Clark took the early lead from the pole and had gotten a pretty good distance on the field with Brandon Roundtree and David Short running second and third.  Roundtree spun on the fourth lap and had to go to the rear of the field.  As more and more cars went into the infield for various issues, Clark enjoyed a first place finish while David Short had another podium finish in the second spot and Butch Fisher with his first podium finish of the season in third. “I hadn’t had a lot of luck lately, but I’ve been racing a lot and the past couple of weeks have been really good.  It’s great to be up on top again,” said Clark.
The Thunder Stock feature found a lot of activity and some battles for the leaders.  Eric Brown started on the pole and dominated most of the race until lapped traffic came into play by lap 11.  Brian Merritt got loose coming out of turn four on lap 13 and got into Brown.  That contact caused a right rear flat for Brown and while he attempted to go on in the race he slipped back in the pack quickly and eventually had to call it a night.  This allowed Bryce Shidler to take over the lead with Trenton Vogts in hot pursuit in second and John Rhoads right on his bumper.  The pair and been working on each other for position until Vogts make a mistake on the second-to-the-last-lap and Rhoads capitalized which moved him to the second spot.  Chris Joseph then went to work on Vogts on the last lap and Joseph crossed the finish line ahead of Vogts.  Shidler came away with the hard-fought win with Rhoads claiming second and Joseph on the last spot on the podium. “We didn’t really change anything from the beginning of the season.  The car just sort of changed by itself and became competitive,” laughed Shidler.
The feature that everyone was waiting for was the Swan Lake Resort UMP Modifieds race which NASCAR drivers Justin Allgaier and David Stremme were the featured drivers.  Stremme was on the pole and showed dominance on the high groove of the track for the majority of the 30-lap feature.  His right rear tire showed a little bit of use as the race went on and caused him to lose some time.  Meanwhile, track regulars Jamie Lomax and Frank Marshall made their way through traffic and put some pressure on the special guests.  Lomax battled Allgaier for position when they were running in the fifth position.  As Allgaier was attempting to get by Tommy Beezley II on lap 16, Beezley II got a little sideways and Allgaier’s front bumper tapped Beezley II’s rear bumper which sent Beezley II spinning.  Since Allgaier caused the caution, he was told to go to the rear of the field.  While the race was still under caution, Beezley II made contact with Allgaier which caused damage to the right front tire of Allgaier’s No. 51 and it would end his night.  Lomax had moved through the field to the second position and challenged Stremme for the lead.  Stremme got a little too high coming out of turn four on lap 19 and Lomax was able to grab the lead.  Even after two restarts, Lomax would prove his car was the one to beat in clean air and he was the first to cross the finish line with Stremme in second and Zeke McKenzie with a hard fought third place finish.  McKenzie, Dillon Nusbaum and Frank Marshall had gone three wide out of turn four for the last podium spot and McKenzie edged them out for the placement. “It was a really good racetrack tonight and the racing was great on the high groove.  It was a lot of fun,” smiled Lomax.
A thank you goes out to the owners of Plymouth Sky Sports and The Horse Saddle Shop in Bremen for their helping in bringing you this exciting racing action Saturday night.
Photos by Stephanie Reichelt Photography
Dickies Restaurant 600 Open Sprints: Aaron Davis (right), Brad Nichols (left) and Eric Saunders.
Super Streets: Michael Clark (center), David Short (left) and Butch Fisher.
Thunder Stocks: Bryce Shidler (center), John Rhoads (left) and Chris Joseph.
Swan Lake Resort UMP Modifieds: Jamie Lomax (center), David Stremme (left) and Zeke McKenzie.

Drivers Put on a Show at Plymouth Speedway
By: Anita Soltis
Saturday June 7, 2014
(Plymouth, IN) What a night of door-to-door, action-packed racing during Saturday night’s special at Plymouth Speedway! A high school graduate even missed his graduation ceremony to race in his feature in an attempt for a podium finish.
It all started with the Super Street feature where strategy played a part in Dean Baker’s win. Baker had to work on Bob McLean who took the lead right away and kept it for a majority of the race. However, on lap 12 McLean made a mistake, went high and Baker was able to quickly slide his car in the dirt on the inside to take over the lead. McLean kept moving backwards and Brandon Roundtree, who left his UMP Modified at home this week, was able to get around him in the next lap for the second spot. Roundtree and Short were racing each other in between turns three and four for the third spot prior to the halfway mark and were starting to spin when a caution came out for tire debris in that turn. They were able to keep their positions on the track as the field went back to green. As racing continued, David Short was able to sneak into the third spot as McLean continued to slip back. Michael Clark attempted a good effort to pass Short to get the last spot on the podium but he ran out of laps. Dean Baker won the feature in his first appearance at Plymouth Speedway this season with Brandon Roundtree in second and Short in third. “It’s the same car we ran here last year, but we made some major changes and made it work tonight!” Baker said after his feature win.
In a packed field of UMP Modified drivers, pole-sitter Tommy Beezley II and Zeke McKenzie had a good battle for the lead once the green flag waved in the air but Beezley II had a strong car. McKenzie did everything he could do to get by Beezley II for the entire race. He tried up high and on the inside but McKenzie couldn’t get past Beezley II. Meanwhile, points leader, Jamie Lomax, was on his way through the field after starting sixth. He had passed McKenzie for the second spot but a caution came out on lap 14 after Christopher Anstead spun and the lineup reverted to the last completed lap. That put Lomax back behind McKenzie. Lomax put the pressure on McKenzie on the restart of the race but McKenzie slammed the door on his momentum. A caution came out on lap 19 of the 20-lap feature which set up the last chance to shake up the podium finish for the leaders, but it ended with Beezley II with the win, McKenzie second and Lomax with the third place spot. “We started out pretty rough this season but we’re slowly gaining on it a little bit. We’re getting closer,” commented Beezley II.
The 600 Open Sprint feature had eyes on Billy Cribbs as he missed his high school graduation in Muncie to participate in this feature. Prior to the race he said that he practiced with his classmates for the graduation ceremony and when he stood on that stage he didn’t feel that’s the stage he wanted to be on. “The podium is where I wanted to be,” said Cribbs. Would he have what it would take to get there?
Dawson Stealy had the strongest car in the field and he proved that after powering to the lead on several restarts in the feature. In the middle of the race, Garrett Saunders and Stealy swapped the lead for two laps before a debris caution step up a crucial restart. Saunders was able to capture the lead after the restart but a costly mistake coming out of turn two a few laps later would put Stealy back into the lead. Saunders got loose coming out of turn two, went into the infield and rejoined the field only to run into the third place driver, Brad Nichols. That action caused the caution to come out which put Saunders at the tail of the field. That moved up the field one spot with Stealy back into the lead with Nichols second and Billy Cribbs in the third spot. In the closing laps, Cribbs was able to get by Nichols and Eric Saunders put on the moves to get by Nichols for third. Stealy won the hard fought race with the graduate, Billy Cribbs, with the second place finish and Eric Saunders with his first podium finish of the season. “No risk, no reward,” said Stealy. Billy Cribbs said his podium finish made his decision to skip his graduation ceremony the right one. “There’s no place I’d rather be,” smiled Cribbs.
The Thunder Stocks feature had a bizarre beginning. On the opening lap, Kevin Kerlin got out of sorts coming out of turn two and got his car stuck on the tire barrier. His two right tires were on the top of the tires and his car was leaning off to the side. The race was red-flagged until track officials could help him break free. Once the field went back to green, Kerlin was able to continue in the race and led the first few laps! It wasn’t long when Bryce Shidler and Eric Brown went three-wide for the lead. Brown would win that battle and Kerlin moved to the second position and Shidler moved to third. Brown would lose the lead when he spun out of turn two on lap 8 and with Bryce Shidler’s previous pass on Kevin Kerlin, Shidler took over the lead. John Rhoads worked on Kerlin for the second place position after working on him for a few laps and aimed to take the lead from Shidler. Rhoads was able to close the gap and was side-by-side with Shidler on the last lap. Shidler was able to keep the lead for the win while Rhoads finished second and Brown claimed the last spot on the podium. “We had seconds, thirds and fourths for most of the season but we’re on the top of the podium tonight,” said Shidler. We’re trying to stay consistent.”
The momentum of the action continues next Saturday when NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers Justin Allgaier and David Stremme bring their Modifieds to go up against Plymouth Speedway’s best in the UMP Modified division. The “Mod Squad” night will begin at 7 p.m. ET. Come early and get a good seat. The gates open at 4 p.m. ET.

Late Models Thrill, Five Classes Heat up Plymouth Speedway
By: Anita Soltis
(Plymouth, IN) It was the way that drivers and fans wanted to start off the Memorial Day weekend: a perfect night of racing in five different classes on the dirt oval. David Short was able to find his way around Michael Clark and Bob McLean early in the Super Street Feature and took command of the race when he found clean air. McLean was on the pole for the feature but fell back in the field after a complete restart as a result of a caution. Two quick cautions bunched up the field again on laps five and nine. That allowed the current points leader Clark to try and get the lead from Short but just couldn’t get his charge to stick. Randy Akers, who started in the fifth row, powered his way to a third place spot. “Big Daddy Chassis got it done for me again,” stated Short. “It’s great to be on top of the podium again.”
The 600 Open Sprints found a rookie taking the top spot. Garrett Saunders had been working on getting past several division top runners and battled Billy Cribbs, Dawson Stealy and Nicholas Schaefer for position early. By lap five, he caught leader Aaron Davis. The two had contact out of turn four and Saunders took the lead. Davis dropped to fourth position. Cribbs and Stealy moved into the top three and battled each other for position for quite a few laps until the checkered flag flew. Cribbs was able to hold off Stealy for second and Saunders won with a one second lead. “We’ve got good competition out there and I’ve got a good car this year. It was a great battle with last year’s champion (Cribbs),” said Saunders.
The UMP Modifieds feature found a familiar face on top of the podium. Jamie Lomax didn’t have an easy go at the win. He would need to get by Bobby Stremme and Stremme wouldn’t give up without a fight. Lomax came up the field from starting seventh and by lap eight he took the lead from Stremme. Stremme would stay in second and Steve Hogue was doing his best to stop a charging Frank Marshall who was charging hard through the field. Marshall spun in the middle of turns three and four on lap 14 and a flat tire ended his night. Lomax had a three second lead by the time the checkered flag was in the air with Stremme coming home in second and Hogue in the third spot. “There was good competition tonight and the track was great. It’s a good night,” said Lomax in his post-race interview.

There was no catching Dennis Freeland in the Thunder Stock division as he rocketed to the lead from the pole and didn’t give it up. Eric Brown would have to fight for his second place finish as he got into Chris Joseph on the fourth lap. He was sent to the tail of the field but roared back, passing car after car until he found Joseph again for track position. Joseph couldn’t hold him off and Brown entered the top three and went on to pass Keith Crissinger for the second spot. Crissinger was holding his position and had to ward off the challenging Joseph in the closing laps. Freeland would pick up the win with Brown in second and Crissinger in third. “It was a long winter and we’ve been working hard. We’re getting there,” stated Freeland after the race.

The fans were not disappointed with the Crate Late Model race which found a battle between Jeremy McLaughlin and a two-time winner in the Late Model series this season, Steve Lance. Lance started tenth and made his way through the field by the fourth lap. He battled McLaughlin for the lead on lap 15 but couldn’t get by the pole-sitter. A late race caution could bunch up the field and give Lance another chance at the lead but McLaughlin came away with the win. Chad Osterhoff would give Lance a run for his money for second place but with Lance focused on the win, Osterhoff kept his third place spot for the last driver placement on the podium. “I’m just glad that Lance started as far back as he did when we started the race or I may have been in bigger trouble,” laughed McLaughlin on his win. “I’ll come back and race whenever you all want me to!”
Brian Ross, a former track champion at Plymouth Speedway, finished in the sixth spot and was happy to return to the track after two years.

The next race night at Plymouth will feature vintage race cars in the “Old Timer’s Night” feature. They will join the UMP Modifieds, Super Streets, Thunder Stocks and 600 Open Sprints. The gates will open at 4 p.m. and racing will begin at 7 p.m. ET on Saturday, May 31.


East and West Meet for Late Model Challenge This Saturday at Plymouth Speedway
By: Anita Soltis
(Plymouth, IN) The Playground of Power will be packed with horsepower this Saturday, May 24 when the series you’ve been waiting for hits the dirt oval Saturday, May 24. The best Late Model drivers in the country will meet for the East/West Late Model challenge. The challenge will be filled with exciting racing with some of your favorite drivers, including a return of 2012 Plymouth Speedway Late Model Champion, Brian Ross.
“It’s been a couple of years, but I’m sure I can work my way around the dirt oval,” said Ross. “I’ll be doing a lot of racing in the next month. I’m looking forward to the competition on Saturday.”
He won’t be the only driver racing at Plymouth Speedway on Saturday that made the switch from asphalt to dirt. It should be a sight to see how they will tame their cars around the corners. The UMP Modifieds were added to the lineup for this weekend’s show. They will join the QuickCar Late Models, NILMS Fastrack Late Models, Pro/Crate Late Models, Super Streets, Thunder Stocks and 600 Open Sprints. Hot laps will begin at 6 p.m. with racing at 7 p.m. ET. For more information on ticket prices or pit pass information. Plan on getting to the track early to get the best seat in the house as they’ll be going quickly.
UMP Modifieds added to the special East vs. West Late Model Showdown. Ed Kennedy announced that the UMP Modifieds are to race Memorial Weekend for a FULL 5-in-1 show!! Join us for our regular Saturday Night Showdown with UMP Mods, Super Street, 600 Sprints, and Thunder Stocks along with the Pro Crate Late Models East vs. West as they battle for $1000 win!
Brian Ross, 2012 Plymouth Speedway Late Model Champion, and Shawn Amor, 2012 Plymouth Speedway Sportsman Champion, to race dirt Late Models at May 24 East vs. West Pro Late Model showdown. Two local heroes racing against some of the best Pro Late Model drivers from the tri-state area for a cool $1000 to win!

SODs Amaze, Exciting Features Round out Earl Gaerte Classic at Plymouth Speedway
By: Anita Soltis
(Plymouth, IN) The Sprints on Dirt always impress when they come to Plymouth Speedway and the drivers put on a show for the fans Saturday night for the annual Earl Gaerte Classic.
Randy Hannagan fought his way to the front by the halfway point but it wasn’t easy for him to get past Dennis Yoakam who started out the feature out front. He had to pass front runners Shawn Dancer and Gregg Dalman at the beginning of the race. Dalman had issues with his sprint car which moved Hannagan up and then he set his sights on Yoakam. Once he got out in clean air he stayed there.
Danny Lasoski, 2001 World of Outlaws Champion, came to Plymouth Speedway just for this race and proved why he was a champion. He ran in the fifth spot for a good portion of the race but a late caution helped him get closer to the front runners and close the gap on the restarts. He ran out of laps to get around Hannagan so he would finish second. It was Hannagan with the win, Lasoski with second place and Yoakam with the third spot on the podium.
“That was a great race,” said Hannagan. “Happy we could make it here to race. We’ll be back!” Eric Brown keeps finding wins in the Thunder Stock Division. He made it look easy Saturday night as he led the entire race from the pole position. Bob Bourff was giving him a little bit of a challenge early on but Bourff had engine trouble and finished last in the feature. Bryce Shidler, who was waiting for parts to fix “a bunch of problems” before the race, brought home the second place trophy after he fought for position with Dennis Freeland and Chris Joseph. Paul Minter came out of nowhere near the end of the race and snagged the third place spot on the podium.
“This win right here – I can’t tell you how good this feels,” said Brown. “At 9 a.m. today, I didn’t have an engine to put in this car! My cousin, Paul Minter, (who finished third) gave me an engine to race tonight. Thanks to him I got the win tonight.”
Michael Clark claimed another victory in the Super Street Division Saturday night. He started on the outside pole and didn’t hesitate to take the lead from Bob McLean who started first. McLean got shuffled back in the start of the race and fought back for a fourth place finish. Travis Wolford moved up a spot when second place runner David Short had an issue with his car and had to pull into the infield when he realized his night was over. Last week’s winner Tommy Beezley II managed to get into the top three when he got around Randy Akers with whom he had battled for position for several laps before making the pass. Travis Wolford cruised around the track to get a second place finish on the night. It was Michael Clark who was dominant – leading by five seconds at one point.
“I hope we have a lot more of these this year!” said Clark. “Thank you to everyone who has helped me in this sport. This is awesome.”
The UMP Modifieds took the track for the last feature of the night and one of the most talked about drivers of the season took the checkered flag. Jamie Lomax led from the drop of the green flag and didn’t look back. In fact, the top five racers didn’t move around much from their starting positions. Derek Losh got by Frank Marshall immediately and was able to finish in the second spot with Frank Marshall in third.
“There was a great field of cars tonight,” commented Lomax. “I thought about taking the Gaerte challenge but I didn’t want to give up the pole – especially with the talent of these drivers. It’s always tough here but it’s beginning to feel like home.”
The Gaerte challenge offered the winner of the B Feature to start the A Main from a starting spot – 11th to 20th - and if that driver won the A Main then $500 extra would be given to that driver.
The next weekend of racing won’t be a slouch of an event as Plymouth Speedway will host the QuickCar Late Models and NILMS Fastrack Late Models on May 24. Pro/Crate Late Models, Super Streets, Thunder Stocks, UMP Modifieds, and 600 Open Sprints will be featured. Brian Ross will be at the track. You won’t want to miss it!

Gaerte Race Engines (Rochester, IN) is sponsoring the Earl Gaerte Challenge this weekend at Plymouth Speedway. $500 extra is on the line for both the SOD Winged Sprints and UMP Modifieds. Joe Gaerte from Gaerte Race Engines will give the opportunity for the drivers for both sprints and modifieds that are starting on the front row for each feature. If the ... Pole Sitter wants to race for an additional $500, he/she can choose to start in a different starting spot (11-20), drawn by a fan, and if the driver wins the feature, the extra cash is all theirs.
That's right, a lucky fan will get to draw a number (11 thru 20) from a hat AFTER the driver chooses to take the challenge.
If the driver takes the Earl Gaerte Challenge and wins the feature, he/she gets an extra $500.
The first option for this opportunity goes to the pole sitter of the feature, if he/she declines to take the challenge, then the outside pole sitter gets to choose....once either driver accepts the challenge, we will have one lucky fan pull a number (again, 11-20) to determine that driver's starting position in the feature. The feature lineup then will be adjusted accordingly. We will conduct this exciting event on the FRONT STRETCH during the SOD sprint redraws!
Will any of the drivers take the Earl Gaerte Challenge?

Exciting Night of Racing with Ken Schrader at Plymouth Speedway
By: Anita Soltis
(Plymouth, IN)  It was a beautiful night for racing in Northern Indiana and the racing was hot at Plymouth Speedway. He’s racing in two classes at Plymouth Speedway and he was a winner in the Super Street Division Saturday night.  Tommy Beezley II started third in the feature and quickly took the lead after the pole sitter Bobby Keller and Michael Clark had a head-on collision in between turns one and two on the second lap.  David Short was able to grab a spot in the top three after the caution but then last season’s champion Bob McLean made a mistake and Short was able to move up into the second spot.  Randy Akers, who started eighth, was able to move up through the field after battling several cars for position.  He made it to the third position by the fourth lap.  Beezley II was the winner with David Short and Randy Akers on the podium.
“This win feels good,” said Beezley II.  “We’ve been tuning the car and trying to rack up top finishes – especially since I started the season with two DNFs.”
The 600 Open Sprints saw Dawson Stealy out front for the entire race after getting a good start from the outside pole.  Billy Cribbs showed the crowd how to race to the front as he moved from the ninth starting position and was up to the fourth position by the sixth lap.  Lapped traffic running three and four wide at times played a big part in the race by the eighth lap.  Randy Shilling was running in top three and Eric Saunders was working on him for position when Saunders got out of sorts and Shilling was able to make his moves to the front.  By lap 18 in the 20-lap feature, Shilling had moved to the second position but didn’t have enough for the dominant Stealy.  Stealy came out with the win with Shilling and Cribbs rounding out the top three.  Only two cautions were called during the race with both toward the end of the race.
“I had to make adjustments under caution and hoped they worked.  Looks like they did,” stated Stealy.
The UMP Modified race was a big race as NASCAR driver Ken Schrader came to the track to race his machine.  He would have to chase down Jamie Lomax who took the lead after the first caution on Lap 2.  The race was red-flagged after an accident in between turns one and two which required some time to clean up.  Pole-sitter Brandon Roundtree and Adam Williams had problems with their cars and called it a night after they were running in the top five.  When the race went back to green, Schrader battled with last year’s UMP Modified Champion Frank Marshall who both moved through the field from starting in the fourth row.  Tommy Beezley II had a rough time trying to fend off the charging duo of Marshall and Schrader and Zeke McKenzie also had a few laps battling the pair.  In the end, Jamie Lomax commanded the race with Frank Marshall ending up in second and Schrader, third.
“I jumped out to an early lead and kept running my line and it worked,” stated Lomax.  “Thank you to the fans for coming out.  The track was great tonight.”
The Thunder Stock feature was the last race of the night which found Dennis Freeland on top of the podium.  He quickly took the lead on lap 2 and didn’t look back. Bryce Shidler put on a good show as he worked his way through the pack.  John Rhoades also put the moves on the field as he battled his way from the eleventh starting spot.  Rhoades was in the third spot by lap 13.  Two laps later it was Freeland with the win, Shidler in the runner-up spot and Rhoades in third.
“It was really loose before and I swapped tires and made some changes and we had a really great car,” Freeland told the crowd. “This feels great. I lost my wife in June of last year and all I wanted to do was win a feature.  This win is for her and a five-year-old boy who both had battled cancer.”
Plymouth Speedway will be back in action on May 17 with the Earl Gaerte Classic.  The Sprints on Dirt series, the UMP Modifieds, Super Streets and Thunder Stocks will race beginning at 7 p.m. ET.

Second Race of the Season in the Books at Plymouth Speedway
By: Anita Soltis
(Plymouth, IN) The second race into the season was an exciting one at Plymouth Speedway on Saturday night.
The 600 Open Sprints opened the feature portion of the night and it was a wild sixth lap of the event.  Jacob Moore flipped over B-Ray Kinzer’s car.  Luckily, nobody was injured but Moore did take quite a tumble.  Despite that, he fired up the car and continued in the race.  Aaron Davis had the pole and he stayed out front for the entire 15-lap event and captured the win.  Dawson Stealy made his way through the field after starting in the middle of the pack.  He would finish second.  Brad Nichols had a strong third place finish. “I never thought this day would come,” said Davis on his first-ever feature win.
The Thunder Stocks event found Eric Brown busy behind the wheel as his win didn’t come easy.  He had John Rhoads to battle and Keith Crissinger to beat doors with to get there but when he got clean air he stayed there.  Third place finisher Bryce Shidler worked on second place finisher John Rhoads on the closing laps but couldn’t make the pass.  Three caution flags flew during the feature and Brown said working the top of the track helped him with the win. “I got the car working on the top of the track and let me tell you this feels a lot better than last week!” stated Brown.
The UMP Modified event always brings excitement and Saturday night wasn’t any different.  Jamie Lomax was trying to win both the B-Main feature and the A-Main feature to sweep prize money, but he ran out of laps.  It was Todd Sherman who found the front of the field quickly and he never looked back.  Lomax started in the back of the field and by lap six he was in the sixth position.  He came up one spot short by the time the checkered flag flew.  Last year’s champion, Frank Marshall, was attempting a podium shot but missed it by a spot.  The top three included Todd Sherman, Jamie Lomax and Darek Snyder. "I'm just glad Jamie (Lomax) started in the back so I could have a chance," laughed Sherman.
The Super Street event was the final feature of the evening.  From the drop of the green flag, Michael Clark was on his game.  He was so fast he was lapping cars by the ninth lap.  Tommy Beezley II, who was running in both the UMP Modifieds and Super Street races, worked his way into the top three quickly and ended up in the second position. Clark had a two second lead on Beezley II at one time.  Beezley II tried to close the gap when lapped traffic became an issue, but Clark’s car was too strong to provide a challenge. Nathan Jordan started third and that’s where he finished.  On the podium, he said he was pretty happy with the result.  It was a rather quiet race with one caution.  This was Clark’s second win on the season in as many races. “Confidence,” said Clark when asked how winning two in a row felt.  “We’re going to win next week too!”
It’ll be a special night of racing on Saturday, May 10 when Ken Schrader comes to the Plymouth Speedway to run his UMP Modified.  Gates will open at 4 p.m. with hot laps at 6 p.m. and racing at 7 p.m. ET.

Students and School Officials to Take Part in Race into Summer Program
By: Anita Soltis
(Plymouth, IN) Over 10,000 students and school staff members are able to attend one race at Plymouth Speedway free of charge thanks to The Complete Printer in Plymouth and officials at Plymouth Speedway. Students and staff at local schools will be given the chance to fall in love with the sport of racing by attending a race of their choice in the month of May free of charge. Entrance into the pits will remain at $25.
“I was at the race track a lot when I was a kid and I loved it. There’s nothing like being at the track on a weekend. I wanted kids in the area to have that same, great experience and they can get that at Plymouth Speedway,” said The Complete Printer owner, PJ Martin.
Plymouth Speedway is prepared to give everyone a great experience at the track with a great family atmosphere and new concessions. The excitement is just starting to build at Plymouth Speedway in just the second season on the dirt track. The roar of the engines always gets the blood pumping in each of the four classes of racing offered this season: UMP Modifieds, Super Streets, Thunder Stocks and 600 Open Sprints.
Martin said he’s happy to partner with Plymouth Speedway in the “Race into Summer Program” to give kids in the area a chance to witness the best racing in Northern Indiana. The Complete Printer is a full service four color printer offering quality offset and letterpress printing. For more information, call PJ Martin at (574) 936-9505.
Race into Summer Program
Race into Summer Program with May racing well underway, we want to remind parents of Plymouth area schools that their kid(s) should have received complimentary passes to Plymouth Speedway for general admission in the month of May. This program, sponsored by PJ Martin..The Complete Printer, is for the kids to use the free passes, not the parents or other adult. We want kids from the area schools... to experience the thrill and excitement of local short track racing to become fans now and into the future to support this great sport! Please parents, remind your kids that these passes are for them to use and we hope to see them along with you at the Playground of Power in May and hopefully the rest of the summer!

Ken Schrader to Race at Plymouth Speedway on May 10
By: Anita Soltis - April 6,2014
(Plymouth, IN) One regular season night of racing at Plymouth Speedway just got a little more interesting. NASCAR driver Ken Schrader will be firing up his UMP Modified machine and racing it on the dirt oval at Plymouth Speedway on May 10.
Schrader has had an extensive racing career in the highest level of NASCAR racing and continues to race his UMP Modified all over the country. Schrader said he’s looking forward to going back to the track and getting to race. “We went there last year and broke the rear end in practice and I wasn’t able to race that night,” explained Schrader. “I wanted to come back and I talked with everyone there and found that May 10 would be the best night for me to race. We’ll be there with our UMP Modified and I’ll see you there!” Schrader joined Justin Allgaier, Kenny Wallace, David Reutimann and David Stremme in a Mod Squad event last year at Plymouth Speedway. Last season's Modified division champion Frank Marshall ended up with the win.
Can Schrader beat the regular drivers at Plymouth Speedway? Many of the regular season drivers in the UMP Modified Division are returning this year and they're hungry for that championship and the chance to go door-to-door with a NASCAR legend on May 10. The Super Street, Thunder Stocks and 600 Non-Wing Sprint car races will also be featured that evening.

Wilwood Partners with Plymouth Speedway for 2014 Season
By: Anita Soltis - April 3, 2014
(Plymouth, IN) The management and staff at Plymouth Speedway are proud to announce a partnership with Wilwood.

The Plymouth Speedway season opens with the Cabin Fever event on Saturday, Apr. 19 at 7 p.m. ET. UMP Modifieds, Super Streets, Thunder Stocks and 600 Non-wing Open Sprint cars will be featured on the dirt track. Great racing entertainment is scheduled through August with additional races to be announced.

Wilwood designs and manufactures high-performance disc brake systems. Brake systems are made for all types of competitive motor sports, agriculture equipment, industrial applications, utility vehicles, snowmobiles, quads, motorcycles and military vehicles.
The engineering department uses sophisticated computer aided design to manufacture the best solution for your needs. They have ample stock of hundreds of varieties of brake calipers, rotor designs, master cylinder designs and a wide assortment of brackets, fittings, valves and brake lines.
Dave Brzozowski is excited for the 2014 Plymouth Speedway season to start.
“This partnership is a great opportunity to get information about our product to the race teams and the fans at Plymouth Speedway,” said Brzozowski. “Racing on the dirt track is always exciting and we’re glad the racing season is right around the corner.”
Wilwood will be offering a contingency program for the drivers at Plymouth Speedway on a weekly basis as well as providing products to track champions for 2014. Wilwood wants to give drivers the opportunity to utilize and win with their products.
For more information about Wilwood, visit or call (805) 388-1188.

Plymouth Speedway Springing into New Season with Landrum Performance Spring Partnership
By: Anita Soltis - April 1, 2014

(Plymouth, IN) The start of the 2014 season at the Plymouth Speedway is nearing and Mentone, Indiana-based Landrum Performance Spring is one of the many great partners you’ll see at the track this season.

Every Landrum coil spring is made from the highest quality material and dyno-tested to deliver the most precise spring rate for predictable handling, extended durability and consistent track set-ups. Drivers from local short tracks to super speedways demand the best. Each Landrum superior coil spring and leaf spring promote quality, craftsmanship, and performance. The crew offers the technical assistance to help give you a winning combination.
“Landrum Performance Spring is pleased about being part of the excitement of the “Playground of Power” for the 2014 season,” said General Manager Jeff Fuller. “Landrum Spring has something to offer all classes from the UMP Mods to the thundering winged and non-winged sprints. This track is in our backyard, and we are excited to see it bring Saturday night racing to all generations.”
...“The performance is wound in before the name goes on”.
The Plymouth Speedway season opens with the Cabin Fever event on Saturday, Apr. 19 at 7 p.m. ET. UMP Modifieds, Super Streets, Thunder Stocks and 600 Non-wing Open Sprint cars will be featured on the dirt track. Great racing entertainment is scheduled through August with additional races to be announced.

We are happy to be working with Plymouth Speedway!

Plymouth Speedway Welcomes New Partner
(Plymouth, IN) They’ve been in business in Plymouth for 33 years and the owner decided it was time to partner with Plymouth Speedway to help bring the best racing entertainment to fans.
The owner of Lincolnway Auto, Cecil Wilson, said the partnership just made sense.
“Racing has become a popular sport in the area and great entertainment for those who attend the races,” said Wilson. “We wanted to become part of what everybody’s talking about.”
Pre-owned cars can be found on the lot at Lincolnway Auto and the crew can help you with auto parts and auto repair.
Plymouth Speedway welcomes Lincolnway Auto as part of the family for the 2014 season. For all of your vehicle needs, visit Lincolnway Auto, 1230 Lincolnway East, Plymouth, Indiana. Call (574) 936-8094. For a look at what they have for you to drive home, visit

Racing at Plymouth Speedway begins Saturday, Apr. 19 at 7 p.m. ET with the Cabin Fever event. UMP Modifieds, Super Streets, Thunder Stocks and 600 Non-wing Open Sprint cars will be featured on the dirt track.

Lincolnway Auto

Competition Suspension, Inc. Partners with Plymouth Speedway for 2014 Season
By: Anita Soltis

(Plymouth, IN) Plymouth Speedway is pleased to announce a partnership with Competition Suspension, Inc. (CSI) out of Brownsburg, Indiana for the 2014 racing season.

The crew at CSI builds reasonably-priced quality shocks and utilizes technology in the upper levels of motorsports to help manufacture the best product for their customers. Since 2009, CSI has become the shock of choice for many of today’s top professionals in racing. The crews build each shock specifically to each customer’s specific needs. CSI’s systems have been a part of many track, regional and national championships around the world.
Some of these shocks will be used in race cars at Plymouth Speedway this season.
“We are very excited to partner with Plymouth Speedway for the 2014 Season,” said owner Garrett Andrews. “Giving back to the racer has always been a high priority with our company.”
“Our niche in the market has always been an outstanding product with un-beatable customer support, we travel to over 100 races a year to help our customers. We look forward to attending a few races at Plymouth this year to support customers using CSI products.”

Oliver Ford Continues Long-Standing Partnership
By: Anita Soltis - February 14, 2014
(Plymouth, IN) A decades-long partnership between Plymouth Speedway and Oliver Ford continues into the 2014 season.
Oliver Ford, with a dealership in Plymouth, offers great customer service and an assortment of new and pre-owned cars on the lot. Oliver Ford has been family owned and operated since 1955 and a great supporter of the Plymouth community. John Oliver and the staff are ready to help you in your car purchasing needs. The company is also a proud partner of Plymouth Speedway.
“Racing is in the blood of Team Oliver Ford Lincoln in Plymouth,” said owner John Oliver. “We are proud to continue in the relationship we've had with our local racetrack. We’ve been in business for nearly 60 years and have had a great partnership with the folks at Plymouth Speedway for many years. Just remember FORD - First On Race Day.”
Racing at Plymouth Speedway begins Saturday, Apr. 19 at 7 p.m. ET with the Cabin Fever event. UMP Modifieds, Super Streets, Thunder Stocks and 600 Non-wing Open Sprint cars will be featured on the dirt track.

UMP Modified National Race of Champions Comes to Plymouth Speedway
By: Anita Soltis
(Plymouth, IN) It will be the the most exciting Modifieds races this year and it’s happening at Plymouth Speedway. Plymouth Speedway Owner Ed Kennedy recently announced that a UMP Modified National Race of Champions is set to be run at the facility on October 11th. Kennedy and UMP official Sam Driggers will work together to bring this event to the fans of short track racing and it will be nothing short of spectacular.
All track champions in the UMP Modified Series along with the 2014 UMP Modified Touring Series champions will be invited to participate in this event. The overall winner will receive $5,000 and a minimum of $500 will be paid to start. An A feature event is also planned which will pay $1,000 to win. It's open to all modified competitors. Up to four drivers out of this event will be transferred to the Race of Champions for a chance at the $5,000 payout. “This event needed to happen for these drivers,” stated Kennedy. “They put on a great show every week and deserve an event like this. I want Plymouth Speedway to host this exclusive race every year!”
As the 2014 dirt season draws near at Plymouth Speedway, more information about this exclusive event will be available on, the speedway’s Facebook page and on Twitter. This will be the highlighted event of the Modified season!

Short Track Roundtable Discussion Involves Fans
By: Anita Soltis
(South Bend, IN) NASCAR driver David Stremme hosted a Short Track Roundtable at the Double Tree Inn in downtown South Bend, Indiana where several race track owners and employees gathered to discuss ideas on how to improve racing shows and fan attendance.
Plymouth Speedway was represented as well as Kalamazoo, Anderson, Fort Wayne and South Bend Speedway, plus representatives of other racing entities. The length of a regular night’s show, the product (racing), the networking of drivers and track personnel and fan involvement were discussed.
Driver interaction and ways to cater to the fans were also highlighted. All of the participating track attendees agreed that these suggestions will be taken back to the track employees and volunteers and incorporated in some fashion.
Track workers, drivers and team regularly work hard to entertain and to spark interest in fans of all ages. On the other side of the flag, why should someone attend a short track race? David Stremme said there’s no other experience like it. “Go for excitement,” Stremme explained. “If you want to see a great show, there’s no other place you can get as close to the action. See it and take it in! TV doesn’t do justice for what kind of energy is at a local short track. It’s amazing what you see people do with equipment.”
Don’t miss what a local short track has in store for fans this upcoming season! A passion for racing may develop.
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