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Plymouth Speedway Rules
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General Safety Rules (All Classes)
Updated January 30, 2013
1. A minimum 3-inch wide SFI approved 5-point racing harness/belts mandatory, which includes a crotch/submarine belt. All belts that are 2009 and older are not permitted. The dates for belts must be legible. Belts must be securely fastened to roll cage with nuts, bolts, and washers.
2. A made-for-racing high back aluminum seat is mandatory.
3. A neck collar or HANS or Hutchins device is highly recommended.
4. An SFI approved full racing suit is required.
5. SFI approved racing gloves and racing shoes is required.
6. Snell rated SA2000 or newer full shield racing helmet is required.
7. Roll bar padding in driver’s compartment required.
8. All cars must have minimally a fire extinguisher within reach of the driver as well as safety crew. The fire extinguisher must be securely fastened to frame or roll cage. A fire suppression system is highly recommended.
9. Steel drive shafts only. No aluminum or carbon fiber drive shafts.
10. No mirrors allowed.
11. All cars must have jack stands under car when working underneath the car.
12. Any Modified using alcohol/methanol race fuel MUST have a 2” fluorescent orange A on the driver and passenger rear window support.
1. There will be NO TOLERANCE concerning this rule. If you are involved in a fight:
  1st Offense will result in a fine of $200 & 1 week suspension, before being allowed to return to Plymouth Speedway, and loss of Points and Pay for the night.
  2nd Offense will result in being BANNED from Plymouth Speedway for the remainder of 2013 season and loss of all points and all point fund money.
2. Anyone approaching any Plymouth Speedway Official or Staff Member with the intent to fight or anyone using ABUSIVE LANGUAGE or GESTURES, will be put on Probation and fined $200! You will also lose all Championship points and money awarded for that racing eventll Fines must be paid before being allowed to compete again at Plymouth Speedway.
3. This includes all DRIVERS and their CREW MEMBERS. Drivers will be held accountable for their crew members at all times!
4. No one shall leave their pit stall or approach or enter another Driver’s Pit stall at anytime with the intent to start an altercation.
5. Fighting penalties will be in force before, during, & after ANY Plymouth Speedway events Including the banquet!
For any questions on the Plymouth Speedway rules, please call Tech Director Mike Zielinski 1-(574) 532-7969
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Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted at the front gate, the pit gate and to purchase tires and fuel.
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